Do you struggle with your golf game?

Are you motivated to practice but it just doesn’t seem to make a difference? How many times have you bought the latest training aid or club expecting immediate results? The problem is it just doesn’t work that way. In golf or in life. To get better at anything means practice.

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One strategy is to find a golf coach, work on an improvement plan and commit to many hours of practice. If you do this, you will get better. That is a fact. You will also spend lots of money and you will devote much of your free time to the effort. But you will succeed and maybe that is worth it to you. (There is a great book (Paper Tiger) about an average golfer who did this very thing.)

Does this mean the only hope to getting better at golf requires a devotion of your time and life savings to the cause? I don’t think so. But if an alternative exists, it must maintain a focus on fundamentals while reducing practice time and saving money. More simply, it must increase practice time effectiveness.

Well – that is the “secret” of The Prairie Secret!

The Prairie Secret is a comprehensive self-guided training program designed to make your practice time more productive.

Todd Kolb, a PGA teaching professional with a track record of producing successful Division 1 and professional level players, developed The Prairie Secret with that specific goal in mind.  He wanted to package his proven teaching techniques into powerful practice sessions designed to maximize results over a reasonable amount of time.

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When you purchase The Prairie Secret you will receive a 30 day (actually a 4 week) training plan with sixteen 1-hour lessons. Each lesson consists of three 20-minute drills. These drills are pretty standard, for example The Box Putting drill. In fact when you see all of the drills you might think: “Wait a minute, I spent money for these? I already know how to do them!”

Don’t be fooled. The power of The Prairie Secret is not just the drills but how they are organized in the training plan.

Todd has spent years teaching these drills and studying how they complement and work with each other. The training plan is the result of that analysis. It is designed to quickly provide measurable game improvements. It’s not a gimmick – you still have to practice! But now that practice is more productive.  And if you don’t like it there is a 100% Money Back guarantee – no questions asked!

I’ve just started my journey with The Prairie Secret.  If a few weeks I’ll report on my experience, share some more insights into the program and offer a bonus secret!

Steve Zahn

The Prairie Secret LINK

We also wrote about the Prairie Secret this fall, if you need more information!