Titleist has been the number one golf ball manufacturer in the game for decades upon decades. Pick a tournament, any tournament, and it’s a fact an overwhelming number of players are using Titleist. So, it stands to reason if they know what goes into making the best ball in golf, they also know what goes into making the best clubs, too.

Here’s a list of just some of the pros currently playing Titleist clubs:

  • Adam Scott
  • Jordan Spieth
  • Jason Dufner
  • Jimmy Walker
  • Webb Simpson
  • Geoff Ogilvy

Now here’s something else those pros all have in common: major championships, multiple PGA Tour wins, big trophies and bigger bank accounts.

After all, what’s the point of having the top ball in the game if you don’t also have the best clubs, as well?

Last week Titleist introduced their new 917 drivers. The 917D2 and 917D3 models are PGA Tour proven and deliver maximum distance and forgiveness, while also giving you precise adjustability along with the look and feel of a Tour player.

Jimmy Walker is a believer. He started testing early 917 prototypes back in January, put the new 917D2 model into play for the first time at Firestone in July and a few weeks later at Baltustrol bagged his first major. He raves about the better sound and feel, the lower sweet spot and watching his drives roll out long and straight. Isn’t that what we all want off the tee?

Look, regardless of handicap, every golfer wants to hit longer and straighter drives. That’s a given. But going beyond that, golfers want a driver to give them confidence off the tee. And a repeatable trajectory, a consistent ball flight they can keep in play and the club has to look and sound legit. The Titleist 917 drivers deliver results on all of those and more.


He [Walker] raves about the better sound and feel, the lower sweet spot and watching his drives roll out long and straight.


Those results didn’t happen by chance. Titleist researchers have left nothing to chance in creating the perfect driver for Tour pros and average Joes. Their industry leading SureFit Hosel and SureFit CG weight system guarantee the best, most precise fitting for every player.

The 16-setting SureFit Hosel allows golfers to set their loft and lie independently in order to optimize ball flight for better control and distance, while the SureFit CG weigh system, provides the best spin and launch conditions which gives you the most forgiveness off the tee. It would be great to hit it flush every time off the tee, but that’s not realistic. With the 917 drivers, keeping the ball in play even when you don’t catch it perfect is.

The new Titleist 917 drivers will be available worldwide on October 21, but on September 17 (9/17, clever.) facilities around the country will host trial and fitting days for the new drivers. If you want to know which facility near you will be participating you can find out at visit Titleist.com/917.

The 917 Fairway Woods

by Tom Hill

Recreational golfers who may have thought that PGA pros have it too easy when it comes to having the right clubs for their swing, can experience that same level of customization with Titleist’s new 917 fairway woods.

The 917s, available in golf stores October 21, offer the type of club customization that pros are used to receiving from the Titleist Tour Van. In fact, even though the clubs have only been available to the Titleist professional playing staff for a brief time, over 75 pros have already put the 917 into their bag on worldwide tours.

PGA champion Jimmy Walker is among the early converts.

“I played with the 3-wood at home after the PGA Championship and loved it,” he said. “I then confirmed my numbers on Trackman on the range at Firestone, where I put it in the bag.”

Also using the 917F2 or 917F3 are Justin Thomas, Scott Piercy, Webb Simpson and Geoff Ogilvy.  Expect that number to show significant growth when the 2017 season is fully underway.

“The 917 is the newest club in my bag and I absolutely love it,” Thomas says. “I gained significant ball speed and had to go up in loft… It also has a great feel to it.”

“The 917 is the newest club in my bag and I absolutely love it.”

—Justin Thomas


What makes the 917 different from other fairway metal woods is the precise adjustability available that allows the club to be customized for each individual player’s swing.

Among the club attributes that deliver the ultimate in precision fitting are Titleist’s SureFit Hosel and SureFit CG weight system.

surefit hoselsurefit weight kit

The SureFit Hosel is a Titleist proprietary system that provides 16 settings allowing golfers to set loft and lie independently to optimize ball flight for better directional control and increased distance.

The SureFit CG (Center of Gravity) weight system provides an interchangeable weight system that can be precisely adjusted to achieve more consistent trajectory and shot results. The SureFit CG is positioned at an angle on the sole of the club and enables the center of gravity to be moved from Neutral to favor either a draw or fade. SureFit CG also provides the flexibility for head weight adjustability (+/- 4 grams).

Continuing the customization options are five shaft choices that players can include with the 917. The stock lineup features the Aldila Rogue M*AX 75, the Fujikura Speeder Pro TS 84, and three versions of the Mitsubishi Diamana Limited, the D+ White 80, the S+ Blue 70 and the M+ Red 60.

In other words, Titleist’s 917s can be set up to promote a high draw, a low fade, a low draw, a high straight shot…well, you get the idea. And if you’re not sure about what the right settings should be for your swing, Titleist authorized club fitters will use the SureFit Hosel and SureFit CG along with the interchangeable shafts to find the specs that work best for your swing.

The Titleist 917F2 and F3 model fairway woods will carry an MSRP of $350.