We all want to hit the ball like touring pros. To be honest, most all of us would be happy hitting it like local club pros consistently. What if I told you there was a way to hold and swing the club the way Tour professionals do?

The engineers at Tour Angle 144 have given the everyday golfer a tool to help them take one step closer toward swinging like the men and women we see on TV.

Independent Tour Player studies reveal that the consistent average angle between the forearm and the shaft at address is 144 degrees. This is the basis of the theory behind the Tour Angle 144. The device is a simple, easy-to-use tool which gives the golfer the feeling of a proper set-up, address and golf swing.

Listen, as PGA instructor Steve Bosdosh breaks it down for you:

With anyone who orders the Tour Angle 144, they will recieve the tool, along with a DVD explaining a wide range of drills to use with the tool. The DVD is paramount in giving fundamental drills for improvement through the usage of the Tour Angle 144. I mean, we all want to achieve those Tour specs, don’t we?

The Tour Angle 144 boasts simplicity while exercising practicality. From the driver down through the wedge, from full shots through chip shots, the Tour Angle 144 will help instill quality habits throughout your game.

Want to work on increased lag? How about your posture at address? How about a gorgeous, one-piece takeaway? The Tour Angle 144 is here to help.

My Review

Before using the product, I tapped into their website to conduct some research before I started my work.

After clicking on the reviews tab, I noticed something about this product– it helps golfers universally, across the board, no questions asked. PGA Tour professionals, their fathers (Matt Kuchar’s dad, Peter), low handicaps and high handicaps all see benefits to the tool. When a product is this simple, this affordable and this effective, the product has merit.

I was startled by how simple the product could be put into practice. I took the product out of the bag and immediately gripped a club with it. I got feedback immediately with my grip and the fashion in which I address the “ball” (I was in my house when I opened the product, no hitting balls in the house!).

With it, chipping fundamentals were reinforced. Posture and stance was reinforced. Positions of the golf swing were reinforced. Impact felt natural and proper. I was hitting the ball solid. The immediacy of the feedback was a special factor. It didn’t require goofing around with the tool to see results. I just had to use it!

Now, without my background in the game, the product may not come as easy to me. So after I was done, I was able to search YouTube and pour over the tourangle144.com website again. Along with the DVD, I was able to find a lot of great instruction for using the Tour Angle 144 along with some creative drills. I was getting better while staring at my computer screen!

Update (06/06/2015)

The temperatures are starting to get steamy in the Midwest which means one thing for competitive amateur golfers– tournament golf! With that comes intense practice.

When looking at trying to improve your posture, impact and address, I stand by everything stated in this post. This product will have you nailing your fundamentals in no time.

I have this in my trunk and whenever I want to re-affrim where I am at with everything, I like pulling the Tour Angle 144 out. I don’t hit a ton of golf balls with it, but I do work on address and run through my checkpoints.

This summer, take a look at the Tour Angle 144. I did.

If you haven’t looked into the Tour Angle 144 yet, I encourage you to do so. The product is affordable and effective. What better a combination?

Order it today! (And did I mention the 30-day money back guarantee? Yeah…it’s a no brainer to try.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 3.47.50 PM

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Click here for a great question answer with the inventor of the Tour Angle 144, David Kardos!