Even if you’re a novice golfer, the name Payne Stewart, to some level, resonates with your soul. Whether it be the emotions you felt with his 1999 death in a plane crash, or the memories of watching him compete for years on the PGA Tour, Payne’s life–and death–made an impact on millions of Americans.

The most notable element of his persona existed in the fashion he donned.

The knickers, the high socks, the colorful caps, and the signature shoes, Payne’s outfits were iconic toward the image he created. And those signature shoes, they’re from Vecci Fashions

We met the fellas at Vecci Fashions at the 2016 PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, Florida. They told the story about the shoe and the quality in craftsmanship of one of the best shoes in the industry.

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Apparel lines in the golf industry are highly competitive. The biggest, strongest brands in golf are competing for elite-level quality in all areas of their apparel offerings. So to find such quality, and such a unique story, with a small company like Vecci Fashions was enlightening.

With Vecci shoes, the trademark feature lies in the gold toe plate. The story goes like this.

During his PGA Tour playing career in the 1980s and 1990s, Payne Stewart found himself digging into the turf with his trail toe during his golf swing. He found that he was wearing down shoes. He then asked the group which makes the Vecci shoes if they had an idea to help with this problem.

See Payne’s swing and the back toe. He pivoted around that toe as he came into his wonderful finish.

After Payne’s request, the gold plate was issued. And not only did it provide utility, but it gave the Tour star a gorgeous looking shoe. The shoe comes without the toe plate as well, for those who prefer the classic look.


Within Vecci Fashions line of golf shoes offer among the best quality in the world. Made of handcrafted leather, the leather is also waterproof. The construction of the shoe (Goodyear Welt construction), along with the top-grade materials, lead to an expensive shoe to make. All of that leads to a durable, quality shoe with great integrity.

According to the site, the construction process is the key.

With “Goodyear Welting Method” the upper part of the shoe is fastened on by sewing a leather strip (also known as the “welt”) to the inner & upper sole, and a thread 12 strands thick is used to hold the material together also allows for a constant flow of air through the shoe, which keep the shoes ventilated, durable & strong.

Now with the breathability of the shoe comes some potential for water to enter the shoe, but all of the leather is completely waterproof. As long as the shoe isn’t submerged into deep water, the shoe will hold up given wet playing conditions.

These shoes are crafted with comfort in mind. With a sole that has cushion engrained, the shoes have comfort that last for the life of the shoe.

When looking for a pair of golf shoes, golfers are looking for a number of factors. They’re looking for comfort. They’re looking for quality. They’re looking for fashion. And they’re also looking for playability.

The gorgeous golf shoes checks all of those boxes.

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When the shoes arrive at your front door, you’ll be looking like the great Payne Stewart.