Vice Golf are a disruptive force in the premium ball market, eschewing pro shops and sporting goods stores to sell straight to golfers online. By cutting the middleman out of the equation consumers are given a perk typically reserved for retailers—the more boxes their balls you purchase, the cheaper per unit they become.

There are spades of boutique ball makers on the market but what Vice Golf founders Ingo Duellmann and Rainer Stoeckle of Munich Germany have done is create a brand new category, designer golf balls. They may never sap sales from Titleist but their noble, “golf balls shouldn’t cost more than the drinks you have afterwards” ethos and their refreshing ball graphics which include a revolver and a flamingo logo look pretty stellar.

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They also have a knack for rolling out nifty, eye-catching limited edition sets. During the World Cup this past summer Vice unveiled their SELEÇÃO series featuring the mugs of Neymar, Messi and other top players so even if you were missing the action on the pitch due to your golf habit you could still send your player flying through the air and yell “goaaaaal” instead of “it’s in the Hole” after a great putt. Their recent Good Sundays limited edition launch features cheeky sayings and graphics like “I love holes.”

Performance wise, they’re in the same ballpark as the top shelf brands.

Vice carries a few different golf balls. First, a cast urethane covered Pro model geared toward low handicappers who generate high clubhead speed. Secondly, they offer a low compression Drive edition for mammoth distance and piddly spin for weekend warriors who favor looking good off the tee over orchestrating fancy short game shots they can’t pull off anyway. Lastly there is Tour, their middle of the pack ball offering up decent distance and spinilicious soft landing capabilities.

Find the Vice Golf equipment for your game and save some money on golf balls! Its the same equipment anyways…

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