Video Review: Bushnell Pro X7

By Nick Anson
May 22, 2015


Using rangefinders can help determine how far it is to the pin, bunkers or hazards, but what about compensating for elevation changes?  The new Bushnell Pro X7 rangefinder is equipped with Slope technology to help do just that, while also having JOLT Technology to really zero in on the flag.  Add to that magnification capabilities and a waterproof design, and it’s no wonder PGA Professional Todd Kolb was excited to give it a test run.

Golf Professional Todd Kolb here with another Pro Review, and today I’m taking a look at the Bushnell Pro X7 Slope Edition with Jolt Technology.  Here at USGolfTV, I get the opportunity to look at literally hundreds of products every year that are sent to us for review.  And whenever our friends at Bushnell send us a couple of things, the whole staff want to get their hands on it because they know that it’s going to be quality.  So this particular one that we’re looking at here today—the Bushnell Pro X7 with Jolt Technology—is right where I would expect it.

Tour Draw

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about some of the features of the Bushnell Pro X7.  It has the Slope Edition; so what does that mean?  That means that I can shoot a target in the distance, and if it’s uphill or downhill, it’s going to calculate actually how far the ball needs to travel to get to that spot.  So here’s a perfect example:  I’m on the 18th hole of my home golf course, definitely downhill.  I shot the tree in the distance—286 yards in actual distance—but it’s playing much less because it’s downhill.  The actual yardage that it’s playing:  270 yards; valuable information that I want to know as a golfer.  I do need to give you a little bit of caution on this, however.   Not every tournament allows you to use a Slope Edition; so before you use it in competition, be sure to check if it’s allowable.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.32.35 PM
The Bushnell Pro X7 Slope Edition takes the guesswork out of shot distances with elevation changes

The Bushnell Pro X7 is a little bit bigger than some of the other rangefinders that I’ve used in the past; quite frankly, I like that.  Some of the ones that I hold with one hand are almost a little bit harder—I find—to laser in on the pin or whatever it is that I’m shooting.  I can hold this with two hands, it’s easy to use; I can hold it nice and steady.  It also is very durable; if you happen to drop it on the grass or something like that, I don’t think it’s going to break.  It’s much more durable than some of the other ones that I see.

It comes with a great carrying case, as you would expect; clips right on to the side of my bag right here.  It’s also got this nice elastic clip right here, so that I can undo it—pull it out and put it right back in—put the clasp in so that I know that it’s not going to fall off of my bag.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.34.27 PM
The Bushnell Pro X7 comes with a durable case that straps to golf bags with ease

So whenever we get a Bushnell product, I always expect nothing r the best.  Just like it says here right on the packaging—the number one rangefinder on the PGA Tour—I can tell you this, this of course meets that standard once again.  If you’re looking for something with Jolt Technology, if you’re looking for a Slope Edition, the Bushnell Pro X7 is one that you want to take a look at.

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