Scor Golf Wedges Could Revolutionize Your Short Game.

Golf Professional Todd Kolb here with another Pro Review; and today I’m taking a look at some great wedges from Scor Golf.  As a golf industry, we have been primarily focused—when it comes to club design—in helping people hit the golf ball further, hit it higher, and launch the ball up in the air.  And that’s great, when we’re talking about drivers and hybrids and clubs we want to hit well over 200 yards; but when it comes to the real scoring shots in golf, we want distance control.  And Scor Golf has taken a completely different approach to how they design their wedges.

So a couple things I want you to know.  When I was sent my wedges, I went out and played with them—hit some on the range—and I can tell you immediately the feel was fantastic.  The way the club went through the turf, the way the ball came off the face was something that told me this is a high-quality golf club.

Now the real claim to fame with Scor Golf is how they design the wedges, and specifically, where the weight is at on the golf club.  And what they’ve done is they’ve positioned the weight so that no matter if you hit it a little bit on the toe or a little bit on the heel, the ball generally will always travel the same distance; and as I mentioned earlier, distance control is key when it comes to the scoring shots in golf.

They also come in literally a variety of different lofts:  43 degree, 44 degree, all the way up to 61 degrees of loft, so you can get pretty much any type of lofted club that you want.  A variety of shafts and grips are pretty standard things these days, and you can do that as well.

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With 20+ loft options and 4 different available shafts, Scor Golf wedges can fill any holes in a golfer’s bag.

You definitely want to check out their website.  They’ve got a great feature on their website where you can go in, enter your clubs that you have in your bag, enter how far you hit each club, and it will actually give you a report that will identify maybe where you have some gaps that are costing you some strokes out on the golf course.

So when it comes to wedge play, distance control is key.  Scor Golf has taken a completely different approach to how they design their golf clubs.  It’s a club I highly recommend; if you want more information, be sure to check out their website.