Well, it looks like the golf season is finally in its winter’s end in Sioux Falls. Lots of snow on the ground and cold temperatures in the forecast. While this situation doesn’t necessarily condemn your clubs to the basement (there are indoor opportunities: Todd Kolb Indoor Hitting Program at Avera Sports Institute), it does suggest it’s time to clean up the golf bag.

I’ve always enjoyed Golf Digest’s monthly What’s in My Bag column. Besides their equipment, it is interesting to learn about the novelty items professional golfers keep and use.

So in the spirit of these articles, I will give you my golf bag inventory. This will be a raw, unedited description of what I find.  My bag is right beside me and I will capture my immediate thoughts as I clean it out.


  • Driver: Adams Golf Speedline FAST 10 10.5˚
  • 3W: Adams Golf Speedline FAST 10 15˚
  • Irons: Titleist AP2 3-PW
  • Wedges: Adams Golf Tom Watson Classic 52˚, 56˚, 60˚
  • Putter: Ping Darby

I like my clubs but, if money were no object, I’d get a new driver and some hybrids.


  • Spray Sunscreen and Spray Bugspray
  • 2 Can Koozies (I am always losing these)
  • 2 Rain Covers for the clubs (Why do I need 2?  Keep clubs twice as dry!?)


  • 2 gloves (for when it rains or is really hot)
  • A medical kit! (well – just some bandaids and stuff.  I use the bandaids a lot, but the other stuff is dangerously old!)
  • The Rules of Golf (Part of a First Tee Coach standard issue!)
  • More sunscreen…………..
  • Extra cleats and a cleat tool (I’m not sure these are even the correct replacement cleats!)
  • Winter silk glove inserts (I’ve never used these yet they have been in my bag for decades)
  • My “Golf Purse” (I use it to keep my ring, keys, etc while I play.  Laugh if you want, but I have never lost anything)
  • Pure liquid vanilla oil (NOTHING keeps bugs away from your face better than this!)


  • 18 golf balls (probably a few too many.  Mostly Titleist Pro V1.  A few other brands as well as I like to experiment)
  • A couple dozen tees (All white)
  • Ball Markers and divot tools (my favorite marker is solid brass with an ND logo)
  • Way too many pencils
  • Some green, fine tip markers (I make a shamrock logo on my ball for identification)
  • Finally – three golf towels and a USGA bag tag.

That is quite an assortment!  I definitely have some cleaning to do as my “pack rat” tendencies seem to carry over to my golf bag!

What’s in your bag??  I challenge you to have a look and share!

Steve Zahn