Golf is such a precise sport that just a fraction of an inch in the movement of a club due to a bad grip could make the difference from landing the ball on the green or in a hazard.

Grips are therefore one of the most important parts on a golf club.

Blow up hole

Not only do you need to have a good grip on your club during good weather, but with Mother Nature being so unpredictable you need to have the confidence your grips will hold up to the worst weather you can play golf in.

Winn is a pioneer in polymer golf grips. Winn invented multiple different polymer compounds that are both more comfortable and tacky to use that traditional rubber.

The polymers are formulated differently so they achieve a wide range of textures, firmness and weights that in turn produce the ideal grip for all golfers from the novice to the professional.

I mean, if Butch Harmon, one of the world’s greatest instructors is an advocate, that’s a strong branding position for Winn to be in.

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Dura Tech

Hybrid Grip Technology by Winn merges different grip materials in order to achieve an improved and unique feel for both hands. In DuraTech, Winn was able to create a first ever polymer/rubber hybrid grip. It combines the best of both worlds. The durability and responsiveness of rubber with the tackiness yet comfort of polymer, which results in the best feeling and highest performance grip constructed to date.

The grip is all-weather, slip-resistant, durable and high performance.


The Dri-Tac grips feature the WinnDry Technology for a non-slip, tacky performance regardless of the weather conditions. The Wrap Lite Series of Dri-Tac removes close to half of the weight of the grip to help improve the club head feel as well as add distance.

The Dri-Tac Wrap Lite makes the clubs overall weight less by as much as 25 grams, which makes a world of difference. Tacky and comfortable regardless of what weather conditions makes the Dri-Tac a valuable grip to have on your clubs.

As one who has played with Winn Grips, I can attest they both look as well as feel different from any other grips.

Once you are familiar with Winn grips you can grab one without looking and know you are gripping a Winn. The familiar feel of a Winn Grip goes back to Winn’s use of the polymer material that increases the grips tackiness and comfort level.

However, it is the WinnDry that makes the Dri-Tac grip fell if tackier.

Not only does it feel better, but the Dri-Tac absorbs shock. Even when there is a mis-hit, the club does not rattle as it does with other grips.

There are multiple tread configurations on the grip, different colors and different sizes.
Both of the grips have been designed to improved overall performance in bad weather conditions, but the two work well regardless of the weather.