Gloves, Tees, Balls, and Grips for Your Game

By Troy Klongerbo
August 19, 2017


NBC Golf Commentator Johnny Miller is onboard. Then, maybe you should be too.

That is with the folks at

The group at golf are the innovators and creators of the three-pronged golf tee. You know, the tee with the three prongs designed for more distance? Well, now ZeroFriction is about so much more…

GPS golf gloves, golf balls, tees, motion-fit golf gloves, and more, Zero Friction is a growing name in the golf industry.

My interest was peaked on ZeroFriction when I was watching the Golf Channel coverage a few weeks ago and started noticing more and more about their company. They were hitting it hard!

They were hitting it hard!

Maybe in your time watching the Golf Channel, you’ve seen their commercial:

The new product they’re touting is their distance golf glove. It’s a golf glove, with their signature design, and a GPS unit, all in one! Its sleek design is built for convenience.


Learn more about ZeroFriction on their “About Us” page.

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