Golf Fitness: Spine Mobility Exercise VIDEO

By Joel Harrington
September 10, 2012


In this video, Sanford POWER coordinator Scott Roggenbuck describes the Golf Spine Mobility Exercise. He lays it out in a simple, step-by-step format.

How do I improve my spine mobility?

  • Start by laying on the ground with your high legged crossed over onto the ground in front of your bottom leg.
  • Clasp your top hand across your body over onto your bottom arm and hand, both extended out.
  • Take your top arm and reach it out and extend it beyond your bottom arm, then reach your top arm back across your body and reach and fully extend it out to the other side.
  • Then, hold that position for a couple seconds, come back across your body and do it all over again.
  • Do this 8-10 times on one side, then flip over and do it 8-10 on the other side as well.

This is a great exercise to help increase hip mobility and overall flexibility.

What does having great spine mobility do for your golf swing?

  • Wider range of motion
  • Improved proper positioning within the golf swing
  • Expand your arc in the swing, giving you more distance
  • Injury prevention

For a great exercise on how to build quad and glute strength, click here.


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