Golf Video Lesson: Flightscope Skills App

By Nick Anson
July 31, 2015


Flightscope Skills App on the new X2 Elite Helps Develop Quality Practice Plans

If you want to be a successful golfer, you must have a proper practice plan.  Having distances and targets in your practice plan is also key, and in this segment of Teaching with Technology, we see how the Flightscope Skills App on the new Flightscope X2 Elite can help you dial in those distances on the driving range.

PGA Professional Todd Kolb here with another segment of Teaching with Technology.  Now today I want to talk to you about developing a quality practice plan so that you can get the most out of your practice sessions.  Now every good practice plan should have specific distances and specific targets.  So today I’m here at the driving range, and if I’m going to hit golf balls, I should, of course, have a specific target—a yardage, and how wide that target is—so that I can really test where I’m at, and am I getting any better in the things that I’m working on in my golf swing or in my game, in the game of golf.

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Now I have—I’m lucky—I’ve got a Flightscope X2 Elite, so I can actually use the Flightscope Skills App.  Now what the Flightscope Skills App allows me to do is it allows me to set a target distance of anything I want—I mean, from 40 yards up to 300, whatever I want.  I can also set the target width to whatever it is.  If I’ve got a high skilled player, that target is going to be pretty small.  If I’ve got somebody who is shooting 95 to 100, I’m going to make that target a little bit bigger.  Now I can also move that target left or I can move that target to the right.

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The point is this, is that the technology in the Flightscope Skills App allows me as an instructor to customize the practice plan—the session—for the student’s ability.  So as a golfer, when you go to the driving range, make sure that you have a plan.  Make sure that your plan includes specific targets, specific distances, so that you can actually track your progress.  And if you do that, you’re going to get more out of your practice session, and you’re going to see your game start to improve.

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