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December 14, 2013


As Grant already taught us, the ball starts basically where the face is pointed, and curves away from the path.  So for all of you slicers that are starting the ball pretty straight and it’s slicing, you know you’ve got a path problem, not a face problem.  So Grant, teach us the pieces that would help us produce a rightward path to get that ball to start drawing.

Well there’s a number of things that we can do at address that can increase the probability of swinging out to the right.  So what we’re going to do—at address—we’re going to make sure that we’re aimed a little to the right, because that helps our swing go to the right.  The second thing we’re going to do is we’re going to take our weight and we’re going to push it a little bit forward.  That’s going to allow the club to be a little bit more to the inside and help us swing out.

(Fix Your Slicing problem – CAUSES OF SLICE POST)

So as our weight is forward and our hips are pushed forward when we set up, we want our right forearm to be a little bit in an inferior position to the left.  So the right forearm is underneath my left.  Now during this swing, your intention is always going to be to keep your weight a little bit forward—right arm underneath your left—and allow yourself to swing over to the right.  At no point are you trying to swing back to pull this ball—in your mind—back toward the target, because that is now creating our weight moving back, we’re turning too much, and we start swinging across.  Remember, that leftward path is causing the slice.  We need a rightward path, so at address, put those pieces in play; and our intention during the swing is to keep swinging out to the right, have the handle raising and our weight keep moving forward.

Absolutely, well said Grant; and remember guys:  if your ball is taking a good starting line and it’s still cutting, don’t panic; don’t freak out.  And if the ball is taking a good starting line and is slicing, don’t think “well, I’ve got to rotate that face” or “I’ve got to close that face down”.  Remember, the club face is simply the starting line.  Keep working on the pieces that Grant just described to you, get that path out to the right of that face, you can kiss that slice goodbye.  For Grant Waite, my name is Joseph Mayo; and we know that this tip is going to help you.

Joseph Mayo and Grant Waite



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