Michael Breed Golf Video Review

You may have watched him on The Michael Breed Golf Fix a hit show on the Golf Channel. You have likely read articles of his in Golf Digest.

Michael Breed the 2012 PGA Teacher of the Year has decided to share his secrets to longer and accurate shots, lower scores as well as an more overall enjoyment playing the game.

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How does he do that?

The Michael Breed golf swing video lessons that are sent directly to the email of your choice. That is right, no charge for 10 video lessons of your very own. Michael Breed free golf help videos will help everyone’s golf game from the comfort of your own home, back yard of neighborhood course.

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Michael Breed Lessons and Tips

Lesson #1 is all about the slice. This Michael Breed golf video tells you to forget the backswing. Forget the downswing and forget what your body does and put concentration on your trail hand by making sure it gets into the position he shows you.

Lesson #2 takes you through understanding the slice and discovering a way to understand spin, specifically the spin you put on the ball making it slice, as well as the spin needed to pull off long draws rather than the slice.

Lesson #3 goes through how you can hit longer and straighter. Breed uses a simple household device that will help the student hit long and straight in the blink of an eye.

Lesson #4 is all about hitting Fat and Thin. Just one thing is necessary when making solid contact and it will come from your shirt. The shirt you are wearing when playing.

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Lesson #5 talks about using big clubs. Discovering how just a cup of coffee helps unleash unheard of velocity in your drive, and no it has nothing to do with drinking the coffee, as that might get messy on the back swing.

Lesson #6 is about impact. Breed does not believe your position must be the same at impact as it is at address. He believes a good majority of swing problems can be fixed with just lesson #6.

Lesson #7 talks about making the proper backswing. The majority of golfers think too much about their backswing. However, Michael gives you just one thing to put your focus on, which when done correctly gives you better contact through a backswing that is much simpler.

Lesson #8 simplifies the swing plane. Once again, Michael heads to the kitchen for another utensil that helps you to start swinging faster on an even plane.

Lesson #9 is about Michael’s new way of thinking about the weight transfer, as he says it is not what most of us think.

Lesson #10 is about a new way to play. Take the errors out of your game by not hitting the same type of bad shot again, Michael says it is possible and shows us how.

These Michael Breed golf lessons are just a glimpse of what you can learn from the knowledge he possesses. The Michael Breed Method is new, innovative and just what the world of golf and you need.