Michael Breed wants to teach golfers, “a new breed of golf” with his new product, Effect to Cause golf.

First, an introduction to Michael Breed. Breed is a popular Golf Channel personality known for his energetic, opinionated golf teachings during his TV Show titled “The Golf Fix.” Michael Breed golf lessons focus on improving the play of the golfer sitting at home. He doesn’t get heavy media coverage for work with Tour professionals nor does he have highly-acclaimed junior academies. His focus is on the amateur golfer– the individual who wants to see changes in his/her game and have more fun.

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His quote when talking about the product: “Never hit the same bad shot twice in a row, and shoot lower scores, faster, without making a drastic swing change. Let’s do this!”

Michael never set out to be an internationally known teacher. He’s essentially a “golf geek” who wanted to know the answers to the game. He wanted to know, “why?” He has asked himself these questions, working to offer solutions with simple, efficient cures.

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Michael Breed and his team claim that with their new product Effect to Cause golf will give golfers the ability, knowledge and insight to be a ball-flight wizard. In the Michael Breed Videos he wants to help golfers diagnose their golf games AS IT IS HAPPENING. He wants to ditch the notion of “methods” and bring golf back to the basics.

It’s all about the golf ball. Why did the golf ball do what it did? He doesn’t want people to focus on swing techniques and overhauls– it’s too complex. There is a faster path to lower scores. And Michael Breed is offering his wealth of knowledge in his effect to cause golf videos.

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