James Sieckmann has been recognized as one of the top 100 golf teachers in America and a six-time PGA Section Teacher of the Year. He instructs players on the PGA, Web.com and LPGA Tours.

Sieckmann has appeared in Golf Academy Live on the Golf Channel and has numerous instructional pieces that have been published. He developed and co-founded The Speed Stik, an aid in training that improves simultaneously flexibility, balance, strength, and technique. He has played professionally in South America, Asia and other parts of the world.

Sieckmann currently teaches out Omaha, Nebraska.

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One of Sieckmann’s best training sets is the Phase 5 system. This is a systematic system that is easy to understand that helps amateur golfers with their short game to start knocking strokes off their scores in a quick and easy way. After all, we spend a majority of our golf game around the greens.

This program is what Sieckmann uses to teach his clients on the PGA, Web.com and LPGA Tours. The simple to follow, yet advanced DVD instructional series is worth its weight in gold—well, almost.

Learn more about the Phase 5 system here!

Sieckmann breaks down this training program into– yes, you guessed it– 5 separate, easy to understand phases. Each phase focuses on just one aspect of the training system. Showing how that applies to the five crucial areas of a player’s short game with a practice regimen and proper fundamentals.

For example, Sieckmann, in the videos about Finesse Wedges, gives a custom tailored plan for the improvement of your finesse wedge play, with his simple to follow instructions.

That is then followed in the same format as Distance Wedges, Bunker Play, Putting and Championship Thinking. He applies the Phase 5 development process that is proven to work to all the short game elements, as well as custom tailoring the training to requirements and specific needs of each one.

By using this Phase 5 plan there will be no more having to guess or scramble around attempting to find the tip that is just right or struggling to determine why your golf game in fine one day and not the next.

Once you have used this proven method of Sieckmann’s then you will know the shots to make and how you make them, courtesy of a pro who also teaches pros.

One of the five phases is often over looked by amateurs and that is Championship Thinking. However, it could be the most critical of all five in making you have a successful short game.

Technique on its own will not drop golf scores, but add to that technique a strong mental game and you will soon see that your focus is sharper and your golf game will in turn follow suit.

Check out the Phase 5 system by James Sieckmann for a better short game today.

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