As golfers, swing ailments are ever-present. We can’t get our rotation right and we hate the position of the golf club at the top of our back swing. We flip at our chip shots and break our wrists when we hit putts. Wouldn’t it be convenient if we had a 6-in-1 product developed to cure our issues? Something simple. Something easy. Something that works?

Enter the 6-in-1 for every swing in your game: GolfSTR.

GolfSTR (pronounced Golf-Stir) actually represents the words golf and straight. The plastic training aid works to keep the left arm straight (for right-handed players), the wrist flat, solid putting action and can also inversely be used to create more lag in the golf swing.

Creator Bill Curry explains all in his video below:

In the video, Bill shares the troubles he had in the game and when he experienced his “voila!” moment before developing the GolfSTR. It is through this innovation, he felt he transformed his golf game and is excited to share with other golfers.

So if you struggle with some of the same afflictions as Bill Curry did and are looking for a change, the GolfSTR is for you!

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Troy Klongerbo

P.S. I wouldn’t suggest comparing your golf swing to Trevor Immelman as Bill indicates he did in the interview. With a swing as pretty as Immelman’s, it can be a demoralizing experience… 😉

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