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A decade ago–heck, even five years ago– the Golf Channel was littered with informercials that advertised the latest breakthroughs in golf equipment.

Hinged golf clubs like the Medicus that promised to fix the hitches in a player’s swing. Deep-grooved wedges that guaranteed 20 handicappers would generate the same spin as pros. Too many perfect drivers and hybrid projects to count.

The industry seemed to suggest that perfect golf was attainable if you had the right equipment.

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The problem with such thinking is that it lacked thinking. Golf is not a sport unlocked with an easy fix. It takes a fragile relationship between a mental fortitude and physical excellence to play well consistently.

Sure a hinged club might help you break a bad habit or two. But it’s only one step.

Your swing might improve on drives and long irons- which most of the equipment is aimed at considering the before and after differences are more obvious- but what good will it do in thick rough, a deep bunker, or on the putting green? What happens if it doesn’t work?

haney blueprint review

Can You can learn how to save strokes on the golf course using the Hank Haney Blueprint or is it a Scam?

The Haney Blueprint

In 2013, Hank Haney launched The Haney Blueprint a series of instructional videos where the famed teacher shares some of his tips to fix various problems in a golfer’s game. Haney, of course, has worked with a litany of professionals, most notably Tiger Woods.

As a result, his name alone gives credence to the haney blueprint.com product. It’s readily available, too, as you can watch clips of his golf tips on Youtube. Here is Haney explaining how to hit the ball with the center of the club more consistently inside The Haney Blueprint:

While Haney‘s expertise is useful, the video still leaves much to be desired. Swing like this, he says. If it were only that simple.

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