The main question echoing throughout golf communities consists of only a few words – How Can I Get Better? Improvement lies at the core of this crazy game we love. It is the main desire of the vast majority of golfers. They play, but after hitting those magical shots which bring them back to the course, they desire more. They want to improve. But with improvement comes feelings of despair, hopelessness, confusion and pure, unequivocal anger. How can we – as golfers – implement a positive, simple and proven way to enhance our golf games? Enter, The Prairie Secret.

The Prairie Secret is an instructional video series designed to provide golfers with a program for skill improvement, instead of the same generic, cyclical drills we see saturating the golf market. If you have time to watch videos on your computer and are also willing to implement the skill development strategies into your practice time, you will improve! The 30-day step-by-step program is designed to help you do so.

We’ve all played with our friend who has “found the key to his swing” or has ” a sweet new swing thought.” Golfers everywhere are buying products which have “revolutionized their golf games” or “completely changed their swing.” It seems like we all know the guy who “has never played this good in his life.” The reoccurring comical part of this routine is that none of it seems long-lasting. None of these “quick fixes” have enduring effects. The Prairie Secret does. It is the improvement blueprint.

The entire secret behind The Prairie Secret lies in one simple expression, “How you practice, is how you play.” The Prairie Secret is designed to impart skill development onto golfers. It is all geared around effective fundamentals and preparing golfers through essential skill development. In other words, this is a fantastic program designed to make YOU BETTER.

My favorite part of The Prairie Secret focus on simplicity. It is a proven system which has produced successful golfers at all levels of the game. I get sick of seeing gimmicky game improvement devices and tips. More times than not, drills are taken out of context and the wrong “cures” to problems. This program focuses on skill improvement.

And who doesn’t want to be a skilled golfer?!



Troy Klongerbo

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