Tour Precision: Gain Unprecedented Control with Your Game

By Troy Klongerbo
August 17, 2017


Brand new from USGolfTV is a program called Tour Precision.

Tour Precision brings to attention the need to be precise when playing the game of golf.

So what do you think is the difference between the average golfer and the Touring professionals?

Many golfers believe it’s this very lie…

“Dustin Johnson hits 360-yard drives! I can’t do that!”

…or how about this one?

“I watched Bubba Watson hit a 330-yard slice right down the middle. If I had that shot with my driver, I’d be way better, too!”

Those are all lies.

The best players in the world aren’t the best players in the world because of the distance they hit their shots. The best players in the world are the best at what they do because they have control over their golf ball. They play the game with precision. They are like doctors with a scalpel. Precise.

They have that Tour Precision. 


Tour Precision comes from the same folks who brought you Tour Draw and Tour Distance—us, at USGolfTV!

Taught by Todd Kolb, Director of Instruction at USGolfTV and the Todd Kolb Golf Academy, Tour Precision is a program with a different focus. It contains drills, methods, techniques, and approaches designed to help you improve the fundamentals for hitting more accurate shots in all of the scoring areas of your game.

Tour Precision is all about the scoring clubs. In Tour Precision, you’ll learn:

  • Controlling Your Irons
  • Distance control with your wedges
  • Consistent and reliable greenside bunker play
  • The Importance of Effective Loft and Effective Bounce
  • The Proper Setup for World-Class chipping
  • Holing Putts More Consistently from 8-Feet
  • …and so much more!

If you’re ready to start being precise on the golf course, look into Tour Precision!

Download the Full Tour Precision E-Book for FREE

Learn more about Tour Precision.

Seriously…Learn more about Tour Precision. 🙂

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