Golf Tips: Top 5 Worst of All Time

By Todd Kolb
January 10, 2011

As a golf instructor I hear some interesting things on the lesson tee. When I meet a student for the first time, they typically bring a concept or idea with them. This thought can come from a variety of sources such as friends, co-workers or even another golf professional. Surprisingly some people are more interested in telling me what they should be doing then getting my honest assessment of their game.I never understood that one. So I starting keeping a list golf tips people tell me they should do in their golf swing. Here it is. My top 5 worst golf tips I guarantee you have been told or heard. My advice, avoid them all.

What are you looking at at impact?

First of all, how do you answer a question that has the word “at” back to back? Is that even a question? Enough said. Just swing the club.

Keeping my head down.

One of the most over used golf tips in history. Yes you need to see the ball, but burying your chin into your chest is not going to help the ball get in the air. Instead, raise your chin and relax the shoulders by moving them back and out. You will feel a sense of freedom not only in the address position but the swing as well.

Keeping my left arm straight.

Anytime something is perfectly straight there will be tension involved. Tension kills good golf. Instead keep your left arm extended.

I need to use more of my body in the swing.

This is a great concept if you can move your body like a tour pro. The reality is most amateur golfers have physical limitations and would be better off using their arms to swing the club.

I am trying to “ring the bell” on the downswing.

Not real sure what ringing a bell and good golf shots have in common, but after hearing this and watching the student shank 30 shots in a row I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t work. Stay away from trendy swing gimmicks and stick to good basic fundamentals.

Did I miss your favorite? Let me know. There must be one or two still out there.


  1. Ur totally wrong on ring the bell? It is the one actual secret to golf!!!!

  2. re: ringing the bell, that’s my only swing thought even on chips..I’m 82 years old and still score
    in the 70’s[mostly in the mid 80’s however] I read about ringing the bell in Jack Nicklaus’s book
    Golf my Way..Like everything else in this difficult game, one size doesn’t fit all..but again it works ever so well for me..Respectfully..Nick Cercone

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