Golf Lesson: Change Your Aim to Fix a Slice

By Nick Anson
September 29, 2015


Change Your Aim, Fix Your Slice

Many amateur golfers have a swing direction that works to the left at impact, and while the club face is square, the ball still tends to slice. So how can you make a simple fix to help draw the ball without overhauling your swing? In this segment of Teaching with Technology, we see how to change your aim to fix your golf slice and get you on the right path in no time.

Hey golfers, PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb with another segment of Teaching with Technology; and today I want to give you a quick tip on how you can hopefully fix your golf slice, change your aim, and pretty quickly turn it into a nice high draw; and how I’m going to use things like Flightscope and technology to confirm numbers to make sure that we’ve got you on the right path.

Tour Draw

So if you’ve been around any of our instruction before, you know that we’ve talked about the relationship between the club is swinging—which is the hula hoop here—and the club face. So let’s say on an example I make a golf swing—or I have a student who comes in—and their natural swing shape, their hula hoop, is some degrees to the left; three, four, five degrees to the left. That’s just their natural swing shape. And I know as a golf instructor—or maybe this is you—that they’re not going to practice a lot of golf because they’re just busy with life, and they don’t have time to get to the range a lot.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.59.21 PM
Hula hoop demonstrates swing path to the left of the target line

So what can I do to help them fix their golf slice? Well, I can do simply this: I can take their aim and their natural swing shape—which is 3, 4, 5 degrees to the left—and if I start to shift their aim, change your aim what I call the baseline, slightly to the right and I keep turning it to the right, I can in essence take a swing path that was 3, 4, or 5 degrees to the left and I can literally get that swing path to the right of the target if I aim their baseline or their feet to the right.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.59.44 PM
Shifting your baseline (aim) to the right can get the swing path to the right of the target

Now, if I can combine that with a club face that stays relatively square to the target line, I can now take a person with a golf slice and turn them into somebody who can draw the golf ball. Now the best thing with technology is I can confirm those results. So what I did here today is I made one swing that was definitely to the left; tried to make the exact same swing, but simply just shifted my baseline to the right, made the same swing, and what I noticed right away is that my path moved to the right, my face stayed relatively square, and I was able to go from a golf slice to drawing real quick.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.49.10 PM

So if you’re the type of person who slices the golf ball and you don’t have time to reconstruct your golf swing, try this simple tip and change your aim. Take your baseline, your aim, shift it to the right, keep the club face pretty square, and you might find that that slice turns into a nice high draw pretty quickly.

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