How does a golfer weighing only 161 lbs and standing 5’9” hit the ball over 310 yards on a regular basis?  What if I told you this particular golfer also hits a ton of fairways and won the US Open?  Yes, Rory McIlroy is a little guy with a big game.  So how can he create this incredible speed with such a small frame?  Answer: THE KINETIC CHAIN.

The Kinetic Chain is a series of power building reactions starting from the ground and working its way to the feet, legs, hips, torso, arms, hands and finally the golf club.  The body’s ability to generate the proper acceleration deceleration pattern while swinging the golf club is a key component to distance and accuracy.  The fact is there are a variety of swing styles used on the PGA Tour but only one Kinetic Chain.

So what does all this mean for the average golfer?  Well, if you are interested in hitting the golf ball further and in the fairway more often, get your Kinetic Swing pattern tested.  Almost five years ago in partnership with the Avera Sports Institute http://bit.ly/AveraSports we have developed a program that does just that.  The Kinetic Golf Performance Program http://bit.ly/ASIGolf will not only test your Kinetic Chain, but provide specific recommendations on how to increase swing speed.  Using a 3 sensor system your swing can be analyzed for deficiencies in speed and accuracy.

Don’t believe me?  Take a look at this slow motion analysis of Rory McIlroy’s golf swing and his Kinetic Chain. The Rory McIlroy Golf Swing:

Todd Kolb