Video Lesson: Pressure Shift in Golf

By Nick Anson
May 21, 2015


A common problem many golfers may not realize they have is how they shift their weight during their swing.  In this segment of Teaching with Technology, PGA Professional Todd Kolb shows us how the pressure shift in your stance can help generate more power—while promoting a more controlled turn in the backswing—without swaying back behind the ball.

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Hey golfers, PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb here with another segment of Teaching with Technology; and today again I’ve got my Swing Catalyst system, and the topic for today is understanding how I can actually—what you might feel is—shift in your weight, or what in golf terms we call pressure shift; because there’s a little bit of confusion out there for the average viewer and the average golfer.


So I’ve got two examples today here.  I’ve got this first example over here on the right where I’ve turned and literally moved my upper body off the golf ball, or—what you might say—behind the golf ball.  I’ve literally tried to shift my weight, shift my head, shift my body to the right side; and at the top of the swing, what you’ll notice is I’ve attained 87 percent pressure on my right foot.  Now that’s a good thing, there’s nothing wrong with that; I should have more pressure—or what you might feel as more weight—on your right foot.  But when I move my head off the golf ball a lot, I also move the bottom of my golf swing.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.05.14 PM

On the left, what I want you to see here is a little bit of a different style.  In this particular example, I’ve kept my head in a much more centered position.  Has it moved some?  Yes, but not nearly as much as the first example; because even at that—even with the centered turn—I’m able to achieve 76 percent pressure on my right foot; once again, what you might feel as weight shift, or weight on the right foot.  So even though I’ve had a centered turn, I have 76 percent pressure on my right side.  So my body is rotated around and behind the golf ball, so I have something to move into the golf ball, and hit it with some force.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.05.57 PM

So the takeaway from today is this—you can get pressure on your right foot, you can get weight shift on your right side without moving your upper body all the way off the golf ball.  Personally, I think a center turn is better, and I think that you’ll find that your contact improves if you do that, and you’ll certainly be hitting longer and straighter shots.

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  1. Todd,I have all YOUR golf lessons ,In this video ,I completely agree with you and YOUR ” centered ” Turn .
    To acheive this ,I Start with 60% of m’y Weight on the left foot ( I’m a regular righty ).I don’t understand why YOUR rythm is différent in the two types of swing ,e.g,2,7/1 and 3,3/1 ?.To be sure I bring back m’y Weight on the left foot ,I practice with a rubber ball under the sole of the left foot,and I make sure I crush it when going in the throughswing .
    Keep living us fine golf lessons as this one ,please !

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