Who and what is US Golf TV?

In a nutshell, we bring you anything and everything golf in the nation. We are a group of avid golfers each possessing a unique skill set that helps companies both big and small bring new ideas and products to the golf community and directly to you, the Golf Fan.

Our expertise is pro golf, golf videos, social media and an understanding how to properly share ideas sets us apart from “those other Pro golf sites” and truly allows us to help you.  Unlike those expensive media outlets that no one can afford or those small websites that are rarely updated, our focus is on timely, affordable and creative ideas that drive awareness to your product and company.  Sound too good to be true?  Well, look around and you will see we have created numerous unique videos of golf course fun, various PGA Professional tips for the avid golfer, hundreds of product reviews from the PGA Merchandise Show and even a look inside the PGA Tour through the eyes of a caddie.

We also offer a golf blog chalk full of quality content that is updated frequently, and offers a full range of everything in the game.

Our resident PGA Professional is Todd Kolb, who has been a PGA member since 1993 and in 2008 was the first US golf professional ever from South Dakota to be awarded the Minnesota PGA Teacher of the Year.

We are constantly adding new videos and other fun content, and our goal is to share our obsessive passion for the game with you via our site. Enjoy yourselves!