Jack William Nicklaus, also known as The Golden Bear, is an American professional golfer with 18 major championships wins, and many other PGA awards under his name.

Throughout his career of 25 years, Nicklaus focused on different areas of his game, always sharpening to perform at his best. Sports Illustrated also named Jack Nicklaus as the greatest male athlete of the 20th Century. By the age of 26, he became the world’s youngest golfer to win the Masters Tournament for the second year in a row and The Open Championship.

In these videos, he talks about the best course design, lessons, tutorials, and tips to help you play golf like a pro.

1. All About Golf Swing by Jack Nicklaus

In this video, Jack Nicklaus explains the fundamentals of a perfect golf swing from different angles and in slow motion.

Here, he demonstrates his swing using various clubs, while providing useful tips on stance and tempo. In every shot, you can see in the slow motion video how he naturally bends his left knee inward, maximizes his hip turn to the right, and straightens his trail leg at the end of his backswing. These actions create a perfect shift from left to right, and you can see it all from the greatest golfer of all time, Jack Nicklaus.

Watch the video here:

2. Studying Ball Position with Jack Nicklaus

Ball position is considered one of the basic fundamentals that must be dealt with correctly to consistently hit quality golf shots.

In this video, Jack Nicklaus explains the importance and need of positioning the ball just inside the left heel.

In the first element, he explains how the golf club travels on the path along the ground and begins to move inside the line as a result of the body turning. The club returns back down and on the target side of the ball the club again moves to the inside of the line as the body rotates into the finish.

In the second element, Jack shows how the club comes up in the air on the backswing and then travels back down. He demonstrates how at one point of the swing, the club reaches the bottom of its arc. The key is to position the ball so that it is struck on a slight downward motion. The convergence of these two elements will dictate where your golf ball is played in your stance.

Watch the video here:

3. Learning All About Basic Swing with Jack Nicklaus

Here, Jack discusses the ways an average golfer attempts to change his swing while playing various length and different types of shots.

The main concept Jack wants golfers to understand is the importance of using the same swing for every shot. He gives an example of a golfer trying to hit a “short” 5 iron and changing the swing instead of simply using a 6-iron. He also talks about how most golfers might try to hit a “long” 5 iron when it would be easier to simply hit the 4-iron.

Jack also provides some real insight into how to draw or fade the ball with simple easy to implement address changes. (And with technology developments, we like to consider these tips for a draw, too)

Watch the video here:

4. Basic Golf Tips from Jack Nicklaus

In this video, Jack discusses some of the basic fundamentals and how the grip is the first and most important fundamental of them all. He gives a good demonstration of how to properly place your hands on the club that is easy to understand. Jack also gives a quick tip on head position and how the body rotates around this position.

Watch the video here:

5. Simple One Swing Tips by Jack Nicklaus

Here you can learn the best, one basic swing with Jack Nicklaus. You will see Jack display how one simple swing can work for multiple shots in different angles. Whether you want to hit a slice, a hook, hit it low, or hit it high, with this simple swing tip, you can do it all!

Watch the video here:

Jack Nicklaus revolutionized the golf world, and now you can learn his every move and shot, with these simple to follow videos.

There’s a blog at Golfinfluence.com that talks about the golf swing in a whole. Feel free to check it out and see how it relates to Jack Nicklaus’ swing thoughts.