5 Reasons You DON’T Get Better at Golf [VIDEO]

By Bradley W. Smith
April 24, 2017


What is holding you back from being the best golfer you can be? How can you get better at golf?

Your putting, your short game, your irons?  Maybe it’s time.  It is for me. 

I’ve been playing the game since I was little, and I scored a lot better when I played 3 times a week instead of 3 times a month.  I think that’s probably true with most anything in life.  Repetition makes you better.  But are you practicing properly?  After all, repetition doesn’t work if you’re practicing bad habits.

Whatever the reason, Ask Golf Guru Mark Crossfield has pinpointed five reasons most amateurs aren’t getting better.

It’s centered around things we’re spending WAY too much time focusing on. Mark does a wonderful job laying this out and bringing awareness to this.  After all, it’s not like we’re going to search for quick golf tips for beginners and magically come across the solution to all our golfing woes.

Watch in the video below. Get better at golf:

1. Trying to Perfect Your Backswing

The first reason is trying to perfect your backswing. 

How many times have you seen someone on the range take the club back just a bit, in an attempt to hit a perfect backswing position?  We’ve all done it. 

People stop their swing and check to see if it’s too far inside or too far outside?  Stop.  There is no perfect backswing.  Nobody would look at Jim Furyk’s swing and say he has a perfect backswing.  What he does have is a backswing which works for him.  Where the club is at impact is what really matters. 

Solid, consistent contact with the ball is how you improve your game and lower your scoring.

2.  Blaming Equipment Constantly 

The second reason Mark identifies has to do with equipment.  It’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools. 

Yes, golf equipment has come a remarkable way in the past 30 years. Getting proper equipment surely makes a huge impact on your game. But a club by itself can’t hit the ball. 

A poor swing with a brand new, state of the art club, 100% custom-fitted, is going to result in a bad shot 100% of the time.  Likewise, you can also hit beautiful shots with older clubs.  So stop blaming the club and looking to swap equipment every time you play poorly.  Get a set of properly fit clubs customized for you, and then get to work on correcting the flaws in your swing so you can get the maximum effect from the club.

3. You Don’t NEED To Hit a Draw

Let me draw you the third reason. (See what I did there?)

Now, we love the draw. There might not be a more majestic shot in golf than a beautiful draw skipping down the fairway or landing safely on the green.  Learning to hit a draw and make that your go to shot is a great thing—but only if it’s a shot which works for you. 

If your natural shot is a fade, go with it.  It worked for Jack Nicklaus.  Ditto Bubba Watson.  So, play to your strengths and tighten up your weaknesses.  Whatever they may be.  Remember there are no pictures on scorecards, just numbers. 

Zach Johnson laid up on every par-5 at Augusta in 2007, because he felt it gave him the best chance to make birdie.  See, it wasn’t flashy, but it worked. 

Do what you do best. It’s not always hitting this draw.

4. Practice with Variety

Remember also, variety is the spice of life. 

You hit the ball great on the range warming up, but it didn’t translate to the course.  Happens to all of us.

Now, a few questions. Did you practice shots you might face on the course or did you just hit ball after ball with your driver and 5-iron into a grass field?  Did you practice trying to lay up to a spot or any 80-yard punch out shots?  Or did you practice any shots with your ball in a divot or on a downhill lie?  I’m guessing not but those are the shots you’re going to encounter on the course. 

Striping balls on the range can definitely lull you into a false sense of security. Hence, you should practice a variety of shots and improve your skill.

5. Too Much, Too Fast, Overwhelmed

Finally, the fifth reason Mark says you aren’t improving is due to sensory overload. 

Now there is a lot of information on the internet and a lot of golf videos claiming these quick fixes can take 5 strokes or more off your game.  You can tinker with your swing for the next 20 years, chasing perfection or you can visit your local golf pro and let him or her work with you to make you a better player. 

The internet can’t see your swing, so it’s very unlikely they can fix it with minute details.  Feel free to play around with something you saw or read about, but work with your local pro to make sure it’s right for you and your swing.   


While we may not be able to shave 3 or 4 (or 10) strokes off our game by looking up the best golf tips or quick golf tips for beginners, we can certainly change the way we approach our game.  Therefore, instead of just looking for ways to get better, maybe take a little time to find our why we don’t get better at golf.  Following some great advice from Mark Crossfield, here are 5 Reasons You Don’t Get Better at Golf:

  1. Trying to Perfect Your Backswing
  2. Blaming Equipment…Constantly
  3. You Don’t NEED to Hit a Draw
  4. Practice with Variety
  5. Too Much, Too Fast, Overwhelmed

Armed with this information, maybe you can identify an area or two that might be problematic in your game, and start to make the necessary adjustments to fix these problems and start shooting lower scores.

Now that you know 5 Reasons You Don’t Get Better at Golf, here are 5 Fantastic Golf Tips for Beginners

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