A Look at the Better Swing Secret Square to Square Golf Swing Method

Doug Tewell is a 12-time winner on the PGA Tour and the author of the square to square golf swing method of golf.

The method was born after necessity after Tewell was injured in the 1995 greater Milwaukee Open and being told that he would never play golf again.

Through extensive research Tewell discovered that the modern rotational full turn swing being taught by instructors today is actually causing injuries, including his own career threatening elbow injury.

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The better swing secret square to square method teaches a restricted three-quarter length, limited turn, vertical swing that reduces or eliminates the twisting and pulling of the modern golf swing.

Teaming with Arron Oberholser (the same guy seen on the Golf Channel), Doug Tewell is working to work this golf swing into the hands of the public.

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When visiting betterswingsecret.com, you’ll be directed to a page where a video with this image starts playing. Keep an eye on your email inbox as well, Doug Tewell will be sending you an email about the first myth of the ‘8 Myths’ golf lesson series. The first myth is “Flashing the Club Open.”

By entering your email address at betterswingsecret.com, you’ll be able to view this lesson for free!

Swinging a golf club the way some professionals swing it requires a tremendous amount of flexibility– flexibility that most people don’t possess. For golfers that are getting up there in years, this method may be one of the better methods on the market.

The shorter the swing, the less chance for error–according to the website. “By practically eliminating the hand/wrist timing that’s such a problem in the conventional swing, it becomes easily mastered, and easily repeated,” says Tewell.

One of the biggest fears with implementing a three-quarter swing as a golfer is losing distance. Tewell promises the Square-to-Square program will not only help you hit the ball straighter but will also add 20 to 30 to your drives.

As with most online golf training methods you can view the first few square-to-square golf swing videos for free. Topics for the free videos over at better swing secret.com include The Real Reason You Slice, Downswing Secrets, Sand Trap Tricks, Fringe Shot Secrets, and Long Putt Tricks.

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You can also receive a free e-book called How to Break 80 by simply submitting your email address. However you should be prepared to receive emails marketing the full products. You can also continue the training program are subscribing to their paid video or DVD series.

There are a number of Square to Square better swing secrets products for you to consider including the following.

  • Square to Square Masters Series: $67
  • Driver Training Series: $37
  • Short Game Mastery: $37
  • Perfect Putting: $37
  • Drills Series and Secrets Series: $37
  • Situational Golf: $37
  • Tour 12 Private Lesson DVDs: $499 – this package includes 12 DVDs and over eight hours of training.

square to square golf reviews

Square to Square Golf Review

The bottom line is this for amateur golfers a three-quarter swing is going to help lower their golf scores. For amateur golfers who over 40-years-old a shorter golf swing is going to become a natural byproduct of the aging process to begin with.

Older men and women simply don’t have the flexibility nor the hours of practice that it requires to be consistent with the golf swing that is being taught today.

Is the square to square golf swing for everybody? Probably not, if it was then this would be the only one on the market, however it is one of the easiest programs that you will find to adapt to your game no matter what your skill level.

The square to square golf swing method is probably worth a look for most amateur golfers.