Blast Your Fairway Wood!

By Jess Frank
March 6, 2015


Are you struggling to get your fairway woods in the air? Frustrated with an extremely low ball flight and no carry yardage? You have options.

Take a fairway wood with greater loft.

classroom series

Club companies make 5 woods, 7 woods and 9 woods. You may even be able to find an 11 wood! These clubs will all have more loft so you can get the ball in the air a lot easier.

Just in case buying a new club with greater loft still does not help you, the following will help you launch it high even when the ball is sitting on the ground.

Do you finish with you weight on your back foot when hitting the fairway wood? Do your arms collapse and through impact? Do you look like this photo?

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.24.29 AM

This position will have the club swinging too far to the left of the target line. Your ball flight will be a weaker slice or glancing blow, similar to a cut shot in tennis. In the image above, you can see my weight on my back foot. My shoulders and hips are open and both arms are completely broken down. The bottom of your swing will move way behind the ball and will be on an upward motion.  Great for a weaker shot, but not a good look for a golfer!

The Fix

Treat your fairway woods more like irons and hybrids. It’s ok to create a divot after the ball with your swing.

Watch Sergio Garcia with a fairway woods and he will take a good sized divot with a metal wood on the forward side of the golf ball. Most really good ball strikers are making contact with the golf ball on the way down.

They strike the little ball before the big ball. Ball before the earth!

Get Your Weight Forward

I believe if you swing the club properly your weight will transfer without even trying. Sometimes you need to be aware of your center moving forward through the shot. There are a couple different swing drills you can use such as the step through drill, similar to how Gary Player used to swing.

Don’t forget about the ostrich stance– with all of your weight on your front foot with your rear foot toe on the ground.

Practicing hitting golf balls off of downhill lies will also give you the sensation of your weight moving forward. You can see by the photo below with the weight forward your hands will also get forward in front of your front leg.

Notice my club head down in the ground and not above the ball.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.24.36 AM

Arms straight through impact

Since we are trying to get a away from both arms breaking down through impact emphasize straight arms through impact. You will feel the club head far away from your forward shoulder just after impact.

This will keep your arms extended and much different than our first picture. Check out the photo below and how far the club head is away from my body. This is a power position after impact.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.24.43 AM

Your sequencing will improve and your fairway wood ball striking will improve by moving your weight forward and getting your arms straight and extended after impact. These are fundamentals the best ball strikers in the world achieve and so can you!  You will soon experience a high ball flight and a much more solid strike! Hit your fairway woods high and far with these simple and easy to understand tips!

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