A Way to Add Distance Via the Sweet Spot

By Ann Marie Roberts
August 25, 2016


So you’ve heard about…the Impact Slot Trainer.

Michael Breed,  the famed golf instructor on the Golf Channel, is advocating another product that is poised to help you improve your game through hitting the ball simply better.

Distance and accuracy. These two little words can be the difference between a good round and a great round. How many times have you heard the words…sweet spot? Sorry to break it to you, but it’s a myth, since it’s the size of the head of a pin on any type of club.

Technology has definitely improved clubs over the years. But sometimes it’s not always better for you. It has taken away some of the feel you create when you hit a shot and can mask some of your problems in the swing without you even realizing it. You may hit a bad shot and it will feel ok, and then a good shot that will feel great. But you are still giving up your distance when you don’t hit the ball with the center of the club at impact.

But you can improve this at

With this new training device called the IS1, you will be able to correct your monster hook, or your slice that makes you aim in directions that really start to make you wonder “where is this ball going to go!” The IS1 is a club that will provide you with instant feedback on your swing and will guarantee you start to hit it straighter and longer the more you work at it.

The IS1 Impact Slot Trainer is a 7-iron designed to help you hit the ball in the center of the club. It has two angle low compression polymer inserts that instantly lets you feel when you hit the ball off center. They are red angled inserts, one at the toe of the club face and one at the heel framing the center so you can see exactly where you need to hit the ball.

Screenshot 2016-08-25 11.40.00

The exaggerated feel and the flight path of the ball will let you know exactly where you hit the ball at impact. With this instant feedback you are able to adjust your swing and start to create a better more solid move to the ball.

This training aid will give you 10 to 20 yards more distance with your drive, the ability to hit fairways and greens with your new consistency you created, controlled iron shot distances, and help you learn to shape a fade or a draw.

The IS1 is a great training tool for all golfers, whether you are a 5 or a 25 handicap. The results are almost guaranteed and you are able to see and feel the results within minutes of using the IS1. So make your next outing to the range a beneficial one to your golf game.

Try out the new IS1 Slot Trainer and watch your scores drop and your golfing buddies become green with envy.


  1. Send me info on get is1

  2. All of the information for the aid can be found on Thanks Rick!

  3. $19 shipping for a golf club is ludicrous. $19 covers the cost of manufacturing the club and the cost of shipping.

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