Learn Power and Cohesion

By Troy Klongerbo
February 25, 2017


Can you feel it?

Yes. It’s the feel of a consistent and powerful swing. And it’s acquired from thousands of perfect swings.

Right now you might feel pretty confident in your swing. That’s great! Confidence is important. Perhaps you have put in thousands of swings. Perhaps you want to put in a thousand more.

If you’re going to put in the swings, might as well put in perfect swings. With a tool that gives you the perfect swing. And a tool that is endorsed by a leading golf instructor year after year. After all, a product like this has been around for some 20 years.

Swing thoughts can often get in the way of putting in a repeatable swing over and over. This is exactly why Hank Haney recommends putting in those swings with an aid that will guarantee perfect swings at


With the Swing Magic, you are automatically guided through the perfect movements that guarantee you the perfect swing. The patented sliding grip allows the right movements to become hard-wired into a golfer’s physiology.

By focusing on three areas, you can expect to significantly increase your performance. Better yet, by using a tool a tool that forces specific fundamentals, you can worry about more important things, like three footers.

The first of those three fundamentals is the grip. A proper grip is the foundation to a consistent ball flight and the Swing Magic does just that. The formed grip places your hands in exactly the right places every time.

The second is putting the club on the right swing plane. It can be difficult to teach this concept. This is why the proper training aid can be pivotal. Getting the club on the right plane leads to more accuracy, more power and more consistency.

Finally, timing can tend to be an issue for golfers trying to take their game to the next level. Again, this is one of those techniques that can often be difficult to demonstrate without the proper aid. Releasing the club at precisely the right time will lead to a high swing speed and more spin creating further and straighter shots.

It’s easy to see how the Swing Magic will create a wider arc and greater clubhead speed. It’s time to get your body working together and working for you rather than against it. What better way than to use a training endorsed by one of the greatest golf teachers of all time.

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