Golf Drills That Work… No, Seriously, These Will Help You Improve

By Bradley W. Smith
June 9, 2016


After a frustrating day on the links I’m sure many of you have gone home and Googled the phrase golf drills that work  looking for any bit of advice to get your swing back on track.  Seems like a good idea, but when I did it recently I got over 700,000 results.  That’s a lot. 

So how do you know which ones work and which don’t?  Your swing is unique to you and some drills may help yo,u, but not others.  I get it.  But here are three golf drills that work.  For everyone.


Think of your swing like a metronome.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Right. Left. Right. Left.  Always the same timing and pace.  Good rhythm and tempo can be tough to maintain.  Even the pros get a little quick and out of sync.  

Here’s a tip. Take your normal stance, doesn’t matter what club, and when you take it back, say RIGHT and shift the weight to your right foot.  When you follow through say LEFT and shift the weight to your left foot.  Left. Right. It’s that easy.  Take a few practice swings and say right, left as you swing.  Same tempo, same clubhead speed.  Now just keep that thought process when you hit the ball.  Your consistency will improve as will your ball striking.

Learn more about tempo in this video by Todd Kolb:

Hitting A Draw

Another golf drill that works has to do with drawing the ball and changing that slice into a nice workable draw. 

Drawing the ball isn’t all that difficult and can add some yardage to your drives and irons.  For a right-handed golfer a draw will occur when the club path is out to the right and the face is closed at impact.  That will get the ball launching to the right of the target but curving left.  You don’t need a different swing, just a few tweaks in your set up. 

Shift your weight forward slightly and put your hands a little bit forward as well.  When you hit the shot (with perfect tempo, from the previous drill that works) you will keep your weight forward, keep your hand position forward and keep your arms straight through impact.  That will push the ball path to the right which will in turn help you draw the ball.  A lot of amateurs will want to roll their wrists at impact to draw the ball.  Don’t.  Keep your wrists stable and throw the clubhead path to the right.  Like any drills it will take some practice but you will see results.

This drill can be seen by instructors Joseph Mayo and Grant Waite below:

The Towel Drill

The final drill I’m going to discuss involves swinging through the ball versus hitting the ball. 

You always want to feel like you are swinging through the ball and not hitting at it.  You’re not trying to kill a cockroach on the wall with your shoe.  For this drill you don’t even need a golf club.  A towel or piece of rope and something to hit into like a gym bag. 

Take a normal golf stance, swing the towel or rope back and then whip it into the bag.  Whip it good (sorry, I couldn’t resist).  This will give the sensation of swinging through the ball and not hitting at it.  It will give you a better feel for releasing the club through impact and “bunting” at the ball.

All of these tips are simple, effective and don’t need any fancy swing aid or equipment to do. 

I can’t vouch for the other 700,000-plus tips on the web, but I promise you these are golf drills that work.

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