Golf Science Lab: Learn the Game in a Deeper Way

By Troy Klongerbo
November 12, 2015


For anyone who follows and loves the game of golf, there is a certain sense of starvation for knowledge. As we study the game, nuances to how its played come into clearer perspective. It’s through the science that has consumed the game where technological advances have been made.

But where does that leave the every golfer?

That brings us to the Golf Science Lab.

Created by Cordie Walker, the Golf Science Lab is founded on teaching the fundamental science behind golf. Walker prides himself on fact-based education and helping to inform golfers worldwide of the industry’s newest findings.

In a little less than 3┬ádays, Walker’s Golf Science Lab will be hosting a Motor Learning Summit with some of the best minds in golf today. With over 10 hours of educational interviews with the industry experts, golfers will be taught exactly how technology today has revealed the truths about the motor system and how it translates to our golf swings.

If you want to join the Summit, CLICK HERE to sign up!

golf science lab

For those of you who recognize the name Cordie Walker, it’s because he’s been recording great podcasts with top instructors for years now via his channel Walker has posted a few of them with us, at

All of the interviews conducted by Walker are a way to help golfers understand the industry in a better way through the lens of the people teaching the game for a living.

With the Summit coming up November 16th, golfers will be introduced to some of the best instruction in golf regarding motor learning.

Don’t think Motor Learning applies to you? Well you must not be taking improving seriously at all.

Motor learning is defined as “the process of acquiring a skill by which the learner, through practice and assimilation, refines and makes automatic the desired movement.”

Any golfer looking to improve is looking to better understand this process.

For more information, head to Golf Science Lab and start searching around. This program may help you make the jump needed to improve your golf game for the long-term.

Cordie’s not content with his content… and as he learns new things, so will you.

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