5 Golf Swing Basics, A Guide to Better Golf

November 22, 2016


There is no limit to the advice an average golfer can get these days when it comes to improving their game. Simply turn on the television, do a quick Google search, or head to the local driving range and you will find more information than you can digest.

Top-level players, like most good athletes, understand real improvement is found in the basics and fundamentals of the game. Top help improve those fundamentals, we’ve found a few pieces of content that are fundamentally sound and benefit golfers. They are tips that can actually help.

Here are 5 golf swing articles and videos from some of the best instructors in the game that can provide a guide to better golf.


1. Todd Anderson’s 17 Tips to Swing a Club

Todd Anderson (find him on his website) is one of Golf Digest’s leading contributors and is well known in the industry for his work with tour level players. In the article below, Todd provides 17 reference points utilizing photos and other sports to break the golf swing down.

Todd Anderson: How to Swing a Golf Club

2. Patrick Fannon’s Spine Angle Lesson

In this video PGA Teaching Professional Patrick Fannon discusses one of golfs biggest myths, “picking your head up”. Patrick explains that it is not head movement that causes the golfer to top the ball, but instead coming out of your spine angle. He uses a chair to help demonstrate the point and provides an easy drill to work on this movement.

Patrick uses a chair to help demonstrate the point and provides an easy drill to work on this movement.

3. The Space from Waist High to Waist High

PGA Professionals Andy Proudman and Piers Ward talk about the most important part of the golf swing—the space from waist high to waist high. The key concept here is that the club moves in and around the body, and not on a straight line.

In the second part of the video, Andy and Peirs use a tennis racket to demonstrate the proper movement of the clubhead. This six-minute video is one of the best on YouTube.

View it here:

4. Proper Ball Positions (for all clubs)

Proper ball position is one of the most overlooked fundamentals in golf.

In this article, PGA Professional Todd Kolb goes in great detail explaining the proper ball position for irons, woods, chipping and a variety of other lies. This is a comprehensive look into ball position and provides in-depth instruction. It’s the most in-depth look on ball position that we know of.

Take a look:

The Ultimate Guide to Ball Position at Address

5. Key Segments of the Golf Swing

One of the easiest and most common ways to look at the golf swing is to do so in segments. There are typically five segments in the golf swing:

1. Takeaway

2. Backswing

3. Transition

4. Downswing/Impact

5. Follow Through.

The article has contributions from top instructor Clay Ballard and Hank Haney who provide a nice explanation of these concepts.

Golf Swing Mechanics – Understanding the Basics

Here are a couple additional good resources related to golf swing basics:

The Grip:

Proper Golf Grip Instruction (With Video)

The Set Up:

Video Lesson: Three Keys to a Proper Setup

How to Set Up:


Enjoy and happy improving!

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  1. Thanks for all the information. It was very helpful. Some other thoughts…
    If your golf address position is correct then adjust the club blade toe a little open and make certain the forward swing to the impact zone is a flatten arc through the ball. This means an inside to outside hit path. It should bring the ball slightly left and then back to the target.

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