Let’s face it, we could all use some help in life.  Help in picking out clothes, deciding what to eat, how to manage our money and on and on.  Life is hard and it only gets harder the older you get.

You know what else is hard?  Golf.  Sometimes it’s very hard.  There is no other way to explain how you can birdie a hole one day, and take a triple the very next day. What happened?  This is where a good caddy comes into play.

However, unless you’re a PGA Tour pro or you regularly tee it up at a swanky resort, odds are you don’t have a caddy at your disposal the vast majority of your rounds.

Thankfully two nice, English lads are changing the golf landscape. 

No, they won’t fly over and caddy for you but they will be your virtual caddies anytime you need them. 

PGA teaching pros Piers Ward and Andy Proudman have created MeandMyGolf.com  (follow them on Twitter @memygolf). It’s the largest subscribed golf YouTube channel on the web. 

View their YouTube Channel

Over on their YouTube page, you have access to over 500 instructional videos and other golf content to help you maximize the most from your game. 

These videos cover everything you can imagine about golf.  Backswing, downswing, driving, chipping, putting, bunker play, mental approach, nutrition and a heck of a lot more. Absolutely any question you have about your game is covered. And they have a lot of fun doing it too.

They currently have over 300 thousand paid subscribers, 27,000+ followers on Twitter, and over 70 million hits.  Clearly, they’re good at what they do.  No matter what part of your game you’re looking to improve, there’s an instructional video for it. 

The videos are easy to follow, easy to replicate and available to you anytime, anywhere.  No, you can’t drag your laptop to the course (well, you really shouldn’t), but no worries because everything is available right on your phone.  You’ll have access to all of their features right in your pocket.

Sounds great, but I understand if you’re a little hesitant about signing up.  Not a problem. If you aren’t sure about jumping all the way in, MeandMyGolf offer a free 30-day trial to give you a taste of they’re about. 

Check out the instructional videos (new ones added every week), articles to help your game and even customize your own customized improvement plan.  All free for 30 days, cancel anytime.  If you like what you see the cost is just $8.99/month or $89 for a year. 

It will pay for itself the next time your buddy finds himself 5 down at the turn and offers to go double or nothing on the back nine.