Correctly Use Your Wrists Through Impact

By Tom Hill
December 11, 2016


If you’re a dedicated golfer with a spouse or children or parents who like to give you gifts for the holidays, you can probably depend on receiving at least a dozen golf balls, a golf shirt or two, or maybe a little device armed with features that can count your score, clean your clubface and mark your golf ball.

But if you want a present that can truly change your game for the better in the following year, you might have to buy it for yourself, because it’s not that well known – yet.

The device is called the Impact Snap Training Aid and it won Golf Digest’s Editor’s Choice Award for Best Training Aid – Full Swing. Teaching professionals love it, too.

It’s small, about the length of a golf club grip, with a plastic yellow golf ball attached behind the top. When you first look at it, if you haven’t seen a demonstration of how to use it, you might not have any idea what it’s used for or how to handle it. But it changes golfer’s lives, or at least their swings.

Impact Snap was invented by Kelvin Miyahira to give a player physical and aural cues when they are properly loading and unloading their arms during the key phases of the swing. It includes a weight that makes noise when it shifts in the backswing and through-swing, and the little yellow ball that should cozy up with the trailing forearm after it passes the impact position.

Company owner and four-time PGA Teacher of the Year Marty Nowicki explains that the device is designed to ingrain the movements an elite golfer makes before, during and immediately after impact with the golf ball.

“When you watch the elite players,” Nowicki says, “they’re coming into the golf ball loaded and very stable through impact. The average amateur is coming into the golf ball with…their wrists flipping, breaking down, arms rolling.”

The Impact Snap works to correct that, reinforcing the feeling in the arms of the exact movements of proper lag and release. “The release is one of the most important parts of the golf swing,” according to Nowicki, “it’s why some golfers hit the ball so far with an effortless swing.”

“In a short period of time, five minutes, you can actually learn the three moves that will help you do a Tiger-like release,” Miyahira explains in a demonstration video on You Tube.

For the record, those three moves are supination, wrist bowing or flexion, and ulnar deviation. But you don’t need to know that. You just need to swing the Impact Snap Training Aid following the simple directions and you’ll begin building a golf swing that would take you hours, days even, on the range, without the training device.

And of course you don’t need to be on a driving range to use it. Heck, you don’t need to be outdoors. You don’t even require a room with high ceilings because this swing trainer is a very compact device and can be swung easily (though not completely quietly) in a fairly cramped space.

The Impact Snap Training Aid is available for right- or left-handed golfers for $89, including shipping in the US, at

Think of it as a good holiday gift for yourself.

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