Introduction to the “Tour Draw”

By Dillon Friday
March 12, 2015


The slice is arguably the most frustrating ailment in sports.

Golfers can do everything else well from striping irons to draining lengthy putts. But if they slice off the tee, the thought seeps into the other parts of their game. They play with less confidence. They take exaggerated stances in the tee box to try to offset their erratic drives. There’s nothing quite like it in any other game.

Few guaranteed cures exist for the slice. Most amateurs either ditch their drivers or, at the worst, abandon golf completely.

tour draw
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Driving Series

PGA teaching professional and owner and founder of USGolfTV Todd Kolb set out to explore the flight of the golf ball in hopes of better understanding the slice.

His teaching resume carries several awards including 2008 Minnesota Instructor of the Year and the 2014 Dakota Chapter of the Year. Kolb has sent numerous players to play Division I golf and mentored LPGA Tour professional Kim Kaufman from an early age. Still, the slice, and this is not unique to him, confounded Kolb.

Over the two years he studied the swings of professionals and weekend golfers. He started to reevaluate how he applied his teaching methods. What he came to find is that most all teachers, including himself, were flat out in wrong when it came to the slice.
Kolb took new information that emerged in teaching circles to heart. He began to work with his students to develop the shot the pros hit: a high draw. Now, after nearly two years of success, he’s taking his techniques public.

The Tour Draw is the latest product to hit the market promising to eliminate the slice. It is the only one, however, that guarantees to not only fix the slice, but to turn it into a controllable draw.

Golfers who once had control will now have it in spades.

Watch this short video to get a better idea of system and how it works.

tour draw
Click here to get the Tour Draw!

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  1. I clicked on “get your tour draw” but got a message that the website is not available.
    I would like to order tour draw
    Please help me purschae this package .

  2. John, thank you for reaching out!

    Here is the link:

    1. Click on the “Click Here to get the Tour Draw”
    2. Fill out all Contact, Billing etc.
    3. Receive emails about your newly purchased Tour Draw and start hitting draws!

    Any questions, email our team, John.

    — Troy

  3. I purchased your product and received a conformation E-mail. When I click to get my on line instructions I get nothing. I need assistance on receiving my package.

  4. Great, Kirk thank you for purchasing. What kind of problems are you having? Contact our support team here:

    If you need any other help, let us know!

  5. Tried to purchase the system, but the purchase would not complete – why not? e-mail me.

  6. Kevin, were you able to reach or contact someone from our team? is a great source for help.


    — Troy

  7. still cannot see videos

  8. the link sent to me dose nothing am I to receive dvd or is this just on line viewing very discouraged. Tony DeLeon

  9. I just purchased your program and the links you sent me do not work. WTF Larry

  10. I just purchased One Less Stroke, I cannot create an account, It gives this website for assistance. Please help me get my account going

  11. Kirk,

    Thank you for purchasing! We’re excited to see how you can start saving strokes on the golf course.

    We will be in contact with you soon to help you utilize your account.


    — Troy

  12. Like several comments above I just purchased Tour Draw and I can log-in but no videos will open.

  13. Gary, please email us at and we will help you figure this out!

    — Troy

  14. Just purchased tour draw fix your slice. Trying to set up an account. Cant do it. Need help . Thanks scott

  15. Is your system available on DVD’s? My computer doesn’t play downloaded videos very reliably.

  16. I purchase tour draw the videos don’t load, I created an account with a password and now it says I don’t have an account. What’s Up?

  17. I purchased Tourdraw 3 or four weeks ago. at least I thought I did. But I have not been contacted as to downloading or confirming the sale. I called the same day because I received two charges for the same item. The gentleman I spoke too said only one was charged. He then gave me an order #. Which I misplaced, and cant find. Would someone kindly check into this order and see if it exists.
    My ID is
    Robert S. Miller @ Francis Court Hampton Bays NY 11946
    Phone 631 723 1008

  18. Thank you for the comment, Robert. Our team will be reaching out to you to help resolve this matter.

  19. I have order this Tourdraw and have not got anything need help

  20. Butch, we would love to help you. Our team will be contacting you!

  21. Butch, if you could email us at this address, we can help:


  22. when I got my receipt for the purchase icould not print it and at the end of receipt there was a john doe that kind of bothered me . tell me what that’s all about .

  23. Thomas, it is my understanding this has been resolved?

    Good luck learning the Tour Draw!

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