Readers of a certain age might remember the old Schoolhouse Rock song, “3 Is a Magic Number.” 

Well, in golf three is definitely a magic number.  A scorecard full of 3s is magical. And where would the game be today without the Big 3 of Arnie, Jack & Gary?

Three is also a good number to keep in mind when thinking about your golf swing.  More specifically, developing a proper and dependable swing to help you score more 3s during your round.

To that end, PGA teaching pro Todd Kolb has identified three set up keys to help you eliminate your slice and instead hit a consistent high draw every time.

  1. Toes out
  2. High handle
  3. 60 / 40

Video with @ToddKolbGolf:


Let’s break these down so you can further understand the concept and benefit of each point. 

The first is called “toes out.” 

A lot of amateur golfers think their toes should be pointing straight ahead at address.  This makes it difficult to turn your body during the swing so go ahead and flare those toes out a bit. 

Not too much of course because you still need a solid base, but enough to help you turn your body easier.  The more upper body turn you have will help your club get on the proper inside-out path.  So next time you address the ball, just remember to flare your toes out to help your body turn and get the club in the proper position on the backswing.  Easy enough

The second key is “high handle.” 

This is about the angle of your wrist.  If you were to hold the club with your lead hand (your left if you’re right-handed), hold it with your grip slightly higher than the clubhead. 

This will help flatten your lead wrist.  When that happens, it will help promote more of a square clubface at impact.  If the grip end of you club is too low at address, the club is going to get open at impact.  Translation, slice.  As easy as flaring your toes, make sure the grip of your club is raised slightly at address.  You’re two-thirds of your way to drawing the ball.

The final key of the three set up keys is “60/40.” 

When you normally stand you probably have equal weight on each foot or very close to it.  You likely don’t lean way or the other. 

When you address the ball, ideally you will have roughly 60 percent of your weight on your left foot and 40 percent on your right.  Now obviously you can’t measure this exactly so don’t fret if it’s 55-45 or 62-38.  Just feel like you’ve got a little more pressure on your left foot. 

At the moment of impact you want more weight on your left foot than your right.  This promotes a solid golf swing and help you hit a nice steady draw, which will maximize distance and accuracy off the tee.

Toes out, high handle and 60 / 40.  Keep those three set up keys in mind next time you practice and you will see the magic of three work for you.