Improve My Putting with the Lead Foot Only Drill

By Ann Marie Roberts
June 1, 2016


Putting…the one part of your game that doesn’t get the time and energy it deserves.

One way you can start to lower your score is to start making more putts. To do that you are going to have to actually practice your putting stroke. Yes, practice your putting! To help you practice the right way, PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb is sharing one of his favorite putting tips with you in making better putts– the Lead Foot Only Drill.

To make a quality putt your body needs to be centered with a very steady base. Even the slightest movement in your body while putting will change your swing and the direction of the ball causing you to miss putts. This is critical in putting.

To get the feel of having your body centered is to practice the Lead Foot Only Drill– the drill in the video above.

Here’s how you want to do the drill:

If you are right handed then you will balance on your left foot, with your right foot back and behind you (visa versa for left-handed golfers). All weight will be on your left leg (lead foot for right handed golfers). This will allow you to feel the center of your body as you make the stroke. You are balancing your weight as you make the stroke with your shoulders and the center of your chest.

This motion will be easier to feel as you make a few strokes without a ball until you get your body steady and centered. While doing this drill, make sure your eyes are over the ball and all of your weight is on the lead foot. As you practice with this technique, start close to the hole about 3 feet away until you start to regularly make putts from that distance. Then slowly increase your distance from the cup and continue to develop your feel keeping your weight on the lead foot and your body centered.

You will start to find as you learn to keep your body centered and steady, the ball will roll more smoothly and stay on line towards the hole. You will eliminate movement, swaying and falling off the ball with one drill. It’s important to know where your weight is while hitting putts and doing putting drills around understanding this can help any golfer.

Make this drill part of your practice routine and you are bound to see more putts fall and your scores start dropping.

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