By now, it’s gone completely viral.

This young golfer has now accrued 14,000+ Instagram loops and over 80,000+ views on YouTube (as of 12/21/2016). All because he tried to pull off a winter-themed recovery shot and ended up atop the “Top Trick Shot Fails of 2016” list.

Before I get into it anymore, if you haven’t seen it yet, you should. Take a look:

So obviously this could have been a pretty cool shot. Have you ever skipped anything across the ice during the winter? The sound is awesome. The sound of this shot would have been cool itself. Not to mention, the idea of picking one clean off the ice.

But what happened garnered far, FAR more attention.

So what can we learn?

Below, I’ll dive into 4 concrete things we can learn from this unfortunately fellow in need of a change of clothes.

1. Tempo

Watch the video again. Look at that tempo. It’s so quick.

Tempo is understood as rhythm within the swing. How fast does a golfer go from backswing to downswing? Is there fluidity to it all, to the motion?  Here’s a good video talking about tempo.

If you watch, you’ll notice the golfer in the video goes from his backswing to trying to hit the ball very fast.

In a normal golf swing on grass, this tempo can be masked by compensations. But on ice, the glaring weakness became a glaring issue, causing the stuntman to completely lose his balance.

Now that you’re thinking about it, would your swing’s tempo cause you to take a spill if you were hitting on ice?

2. Stability in setup

Even though his tempo is incredibly quick, it’s not the start of his problems. The start of his problems are the way he addresses the golf ball with his stance.

His stance is far too narrow.

Many golf instructors want to see golfers with their feet a shoulder’s width apart, this to give golfers good balance through their swing. This stable base is the cornerstone for maintaining balance throughout the motion. A narrow stance gives a golfer less stability and leads to a swing that is more errant. They become too reliant upon other factors in their swing to strike the ball consistently.

Here’s a good video with Todd Kolb talking about the stance and proper weight distribution:

3. Footing

Not much you can do here, but there’s something for us to learn here.

On ice, how good could a golfer’s footing really be? Probably not good.

But to golfers who play every week with a pair of warn-out sneakers, particularly with wet conditions, they’re basically giving themselves this exact disadvantage.

Good footing with appropriate golf shoes give you the ability to truly grip-it-and-rip-it without ending up on your hiney. (Is that how you spell it?)

4. Don’t Golf on the Ice

Maybe this is the simplest tip of them all. If you do, just be careful. 😉