Left Hip Left, A Drill to Help You Fix the Slice

By Tom Hill
June 28, 2016


The golfers who would benefit most from taking lessons are often scared to work with a pro. This is true, because they believe that the lessons will require them to change their grip, their stance and, in fact, their entire golf swing to improve.

PGA teaching pro Todd Kolb of USGolfTV, says that isn’t so. There are small adjustments that teaching pros can suggest to struggling golfers that will provide almost immediate help to fix certain problems.

One of those quick fixes that Kolb offers is illustrated in a new 65-second video from the lesson tee that’s available for free on YouTube.  In this tutorial, Kolb says just changing the way you set up to the ball can help you learn to hit a draw, the ball moving gently from right-to-left (for a right-handed golfer.) 

A Tip to Hit the Tour Draw

“We’re talking about changing your set-up to change your ball flight.” Kolb says.  “I showed you how by raising your lead arm – left arm high, right arm low – you can start to draw the golf ball.  We’re gonna build on that today with getting the left hip left.”

You may be thinking as you read this that the left hip is already left, just by definition. But when you see the video as Kolb makes the slight adjustment in his stance, you see what the difference is and what it truly means to have your left hip left.

“When you take your regular set-up,” Kolb explains, “I want you to take your lead hip – your left hip for right handed golfers – you’re just going to bump it over so it’s above your lead foot.  Believe it or not, that simple adjustment is going to help you draw the golf ball.”

Kolb demonstrates the movement on the video. “I take my regular set-up, I move my left hip left so it’s over my left foot, then I make my natural golf swing.  That simple set-up adjustment is going to bump my left hip over; it’s going to help me swing the club to the right and that will help me draw the golf ball.”

While that one adjustment will help with the draw, Kolb has a full series of video tips that explain the mechanics of the proper swing and provide drills that help golfers practice a swing they can repeat confidently on the course.

The full series is available through theYour Tour Draw instructional series (both full swing and short game) that can be found at yourtourdraw.com.


  1. That is a great tip. I would like to know if you have a tip or drill that stps a person from hitting behind the ball or in golfers terms hitting fat shots. Thanks Mike M

  2. I appears that you lowered your left hand before you started your back swing.

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