Mike Malaska is a player and an instructor of golf since 1991.

He has worked alongside many of the greatest golfers and is known around the world for his work in the golf community. He began his career as a golf instructor at Nicklaus/Flick Golf Schools, and since then has trained many popular PGA and LPGA tour players.

Since 2002, Mike Malaska has worked as a consultant to TaylorMade-Adidas Golf Worldwide. He has many awards under his name, like National PGA Teacher of the Year in 2011 and has been featured in popular publications like Golf Magazine, PGA Magazine, and Golf Digest.

Mike Malaska golf is known for teaching with a unique approach, where the game simplifies and solves common problems with common sense. Here are some of Mike’s best instructional videos that highlight an exclusive problem and its solution.

1. Understand Your Golf Swing Personality with Mike Malaska

In this video, Mike Malaska explains how to make your swing an expression of your golf by learning some basic tips. He tells us the way we all can look and play differently, as golf is not a mechanical or scientific thing. You will see Mike demonstrate the different swings of Lee Trevino, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer. Even though they all have a unique finish, they all had the momentum of the club in the right spot to deliver the face where they wanted the ball to go.

Watch the video, here:

2. What Does Golf Chicken Wing Mean? Find out with Mike Malaska

The words “Chicken Wing” are commonly used in golf to describe a particular position of the arms in the swing just past impact. It is a phrase that is all too familiar for golfers who tend to slice the ball.  Here, Mike reveals how your arms behave when your lead arm doesn’t rotate (chicken wing) and when it rotates completely. You can see the difference between the arm that folds and rotates and the one that does not.

Watch the video, here.

3. Generate Speed by Pushing Away with Mike Malaska

Here, Mike demonstrates the best way to generate speed using the hips to “push away”. Mike emphasis on the demands of perfect timing and balance while doing this shot, to generate the speed. He tells his viewers about another technique called the “medicine ball toss”, where the shoulders turn, the hips go back, and then everything goes together on their different circles. In a golf swing, when you get to the top and you start down, the handle will come down and the right hip will push away. As you push more and more away from it, the club will generate speed. The harder you push, the more club speed you will gain, due to offsetting forces.

Watch the video, here.

4. Controlling Curve & Drawing Back with Mike Malaska

In this video, Mike exhibits the best way to control your curve is by simply changing the spot of your aim. Picking the correct target based on your shot shape is key. Mike also explains how an inside path can leave the face open, when you attempt to start the swing more right which may make getting the face in the correct position at impact difficult. At the end of the day, if you have a tight draw occurring every time, all you have to do is change your start line, as changing aim is easier than changing the path.   

Watch the video, here.

5. Learn the Meaning of “Getting Stuck” with Mike Malaska

In this video, see how Mike Malaska describes the real meaning of getting your club stuck during a swing. He explains how the body gets out in front of the club and the players tries to catch up. It is more like “out of the position” than stuck, and helps you understand the impact of this action on your swing.

Watch the video, here.

Simplify your game and learn golf’s basics with common sense, with Mike Malaska and his incredible golf instructional videos.