Mike Malaska doesn’t want you to play golf. He wants you to understand it first.

You might not be clear whom exactly Mike Malaska is, but Jack Nicklaus know his name. So do many PGA and LPGA players.

That’s because Malaska’s golf career has spanned nearly 40 years as a player and top instructor. A former National PGA Teacher of the Year, Malaska’s core teaching method revolves around this belief: To see constant progress, you only need a selection of shots to match your skill level. It’s a blend of technique and playability.

If you go to Malaska’s web site (Malaskagolf.com), you’ll see his teaching method broken into four different topics: The M System, Skill Pathways, I Feel Your Pain and Teaching Clinic. Let’s breakdown each one of them.

The M-System is the first place you need to start (watch here).

It’s a 5-tier instructional plan with the idea of simplifying the game for players of all skill levels. The idea isn’t the build the perfect swing, it’s to build the perfect swing for YOU. Find the swing which works best for you and then develop your game around it. Malaska will take you step by step through all parts of the swing, from setup to more advanced swing thoughts. Each tier you master will bring you closer to understanding your swing which will bring you closer to maximizing your abilities on the course.

The next topic is Skill Pathways (watch here). This section has seven pathways to really focus on. Each one of the pathways will take an in-depth look at a fundamental part of your game. It will select a problem area, breakdown the shot and then perfect your abilities. Hone in on the what skills you need to raise up your game what shots will help lower your score.

The third topic is humorously called I Feel Your Pain. You can watch it here.

Golfers love to complicate matters. Be honest, how many swing thoughts do you have in your head when you stand over the ball? How many things are you thinking about standing over a 5-footer to save par? I’m guessing a lot. It’s natural. Malaska wants to declutter your brain and uncomplicate your swing. Sometimes you can have too much paralysis by analysis. The lessons on Malaska’s site will help you create a better understanding of your swing and show you how easy and simple golf can be. Seriously. This will be the stage where your progress really becomes evident. Not just evident, but permanent too.

The final topic is the Teaching Clinic. A preview for it is here. This is for coaches who would like to get a better understanding of the lessons and teaching philosophies Malaska espouses and how it relates to getting the most out of someone’s game.

Malaska believes golf is a simple game and has been played the same way for centuries. His hope is to give you a better understanding of why certain things happen a certain way. He’s happy to respond to questions on his website and post them for everyone to read.

To get full access to Malaska’s teaching system—which includes over 200 videos—easy to follow instructions covering every aspect of the game, and so much more, just go to his website and sign up. If you do it now, you can get 30 days of free access, and you can cancel anytime. Cancel before your 30 days are up and don’t pay a single penny. If you like what you see, you can sign on for $10 / month or $100 for a full year (a savings of $20).

If you like what you see, you can sign on for $10 / month or $100 for a full year (a savings of $20).

Remember, Malaska encourages us to not just play golf. We should understand it.