How to Use an Online Golf Coach

By Tom Hill
December 16, 2016


I wish I had a golf coach right here over the winter.

He would walk and talk me through the changes I need to make in my swing the next few months so that I could come back out to the course in April and everyone would be amazed at the new swing I have.

While the golf course is covered with snow, I could change my slice to a gentle draw, develop a repeatable, reliable chipping motion that thinks “chili-dip” is something you put on a tortilla chip, and learn a solid back-and-through putting stroke that puts the ball in the hole every time from inside six feet.

But I not only don’t live with a golf coach, I don’t even know one well enough to ask questions and solicit advice without having to pay $50 for a 30-minute session.

What I need, I figure, is a virtual online golf coach, an online golf coach, to demonstrate drills and swing fixes. So I Googled virtual golf coach.

Once I scrolled past the paid search ads for virtual golf from Amazon with a golf simulator, and used golf clubs (virtually never played) from Titleist, I found what I was looking for, the first item on the search list:, a free website dedicated to helping golfers improve.

PGA teaching professional Todd Kolb is “my virtual golf coach.” In the first lesson, he explains that most golfers who seek to improve their game don’t actually get better. It’s not because the golfers don’t listen diligently and practice what they’re taught, it’s because they don’t get good advice from a trustworthy source. He hopes his online golf coach approach can help change that.

“One of the most frustrating things for most golfers is lack of improvement,” Kolb says. “Now why are we not improving? Over the last 30 or 40 years we have more golf information available at our fingertips but the hard truth is the average handicap has not gone down at all.”

That’s partly the golfers’ fault for taking information from unqualified sources, according to Kolb.

“Think about it – if you wanted to fix your slice, what are you going to do? If you’re like most golfers you’re going to go buy a magazine, go online and check out some random videos, or, even worse, you’re going to ask a buddy for help. The hard truth is this information might work, it might not, and you don’t even know if this information is coming from a qualified source: it might just be from someone who is putting it out there.”


“If you’re like most golfers you’re going to go buy a magazine, go online and check out some random videos, or, even worse, you’re going to ask a buddy for help.”


As Kolb’s virtual golf coach lesson unfolds with plain spoken tips and advice, he demonstrates what causes the slice and how it can be fixed and explains how to get a little extra club head speed on the drive without spending $400 to buy a new driver. He also demonstrates a couple of drills that the willing student can use to ingrain the correct motions of the new swing.

“We’re on our way,” Kolb says as he finishes the introductory online virtual golf coach lesson, “to better information, qualified information, and information that’s going to help you play better golf.”

I virtually can’t wait.

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  1. Todd, you are a genius. I took up golf at 58 a year ago and could not chip at all until I watched your 3 Mistakes video. I used the centre stance and no club lean but could not get a clean ball strike. Then I watched your “move the butt in the same direction as the club head” tip and – bingo! – clean ball strike and good distance control. It’s a good thing you’re an online coach – otherwise you’d be in danger of being kissed by an ageing male.
    PS: The driver Transition Drill is pretty cool, too.

  2. Owen, great comment! You had our team laughing.

    We’re so glad the content is helping you. We hope to continue to create videos and blogs with value to help you.

    — Troy Klongerbo, Editor-in-Chief USGolfTV

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