PureStrike: The 5 Simple Keys to Consistency

By Dillon Friday
January 16, 2015


With so many golf videos, products, and instructions, mostly unwanted, hitting the market, how does one differentiate between them?

A woman yelling “Holy Moses!” helps.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.31.29 PM

That cry comes from Pure Strike’s Golf Channel spots and most can attest to their effectiveness. Well, a number of viewers surely forget the product, but likely not the commercial.

That’s probably not fair to Pure Strike. It’s a company that’s distinguished itself in a crowded field with a smart marketing campaign. Sure the “Holy Moses!” tagline helps, but it’s not at all what Pure Strike is about. The company has a strong internet following to buttress its sales.

On the PureStrike Golf site, golfers will find the full DVD set, the Crush-It swing aid, the SteadiHead Swing Training Aid, the ShotShaper Swing Training Aid and the PureStrike Book with the 5 keys to consistency.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 10.04.06 AM

Shawn Clement, the so-called “Most popular golf instructor on YouTube,” has a modest 1236 followers on twitter, but over 48,000 subscribers on YouTube. He was involved heavily in PureStrike in addition to launching “Wisdom in Golf,” a teaching method along the same line.

PureStrike works off that little word that all preach but few know how to teach–simplicity. The company throws “consistency” in there as well, as if they wanted to stuff the golfers minds with dreaded buzzwords. Some times it works. See: The Five Simple Keys to Consistency, an article floating on Pure Strike’s site.

With the PureStrike: The 5 Simple Keys to Consistency Book you will:

  • Learn Steady Head
  • Weight Forward
  • Flat Left Wrist
  • Sweet Spot Path
  • Club Face Control

The best in the world even do it– Brandt Snedeker below:

But there’s so much more– a trip to the home page presents a litany of options including DVD’s, books, and clubs.

Maybe that best defines Pure Strike. They offer simplicity in options. Throw in a highly regarded teacher like Shawn Clement, and you have a winning product.

To Order, Visit their site here.

Purchase for FREE Shipping and a 100% Guaranteed Money Back if there is any discontent with the product!

Good luck with your ball striking and prepare for a better future!

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