Find More Consistency in Your Putting By Hitting Solid Putts With This Drill

By Bradley W. Smith
June 7, 2016


18th green.  Playing the round of your life.  Facing a tough downhill, but makable 25-footer for yet another birdie and a personal best score.  Lots of thoughts racing in your mind.  The speed of the putt, how much break to play, don’t want to be too aggressive and charge it 6 feet past, but can’t leave it short either.  What’s the wind doing?  Have to keep my head steady.  How’s my foot pressure?  How should I celebrate if it goes in?

Wait a second…foot pressure?

Yes, foot pressure.

You probably don’t give it any bit of thought when you’re on the greens but you certainly do on the tee and in the fairway and the bunker don’t you?  Improper foot position and pressure can hinder you from making a full and proper swing.  You want the majority of your weight on your forward foot at impact in order to produce a downward strike on the ball. 

We know what happens when your weight gets caught up on your back foot at impact.  Elite pros will have nearly 95 percent of their weight on the front foot at impact.

It’s no different with putting. In this video below, Todd Kolb talks about how to improve your foot pressure while hitting putts to add some consistency to that birdie putting stroke you have:

Obviously, a great deal of putting is all about touch and feel and your foot pressure plays a huge part in that. 

When you’re lining up for a putt you want a little more pressure on your lead foot (your left foot if you play right-handed).  A 60-40 weight distribution is ideal.  Be sure and maintain that ratio through your stroke.  Most golfers have a tendency to start with an equal amount of pressure on each foot but don’t maintain it through impact. 

This means you’ll be leaning on your back foot at impact and your putt is going to suffer.  Putting is no different than any other swing you’ll make on the course, in the sense that it requires proper footwork and completing your swing to get the result you want.

Little things can make a big difference in a golf swing as well all know.  Certainly, putting can be hard enough as it is.  You’ll be a lot more relaxed and comfortable standing over a difficult putt knowing your footwork is fundamentally sound. 

Now pick your line, make a confident stroke and don’t peek.  Just listen for your putt dropping in the hole.

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  1. Hmm foot pressure. That’s an interesting aspect to point out. Thanks for sharing.

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