What is the Golf In Sync?

By Troy Klongerbo
February 12, 2016

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Bye, bye, bye with the days of terrible short game work.Bye, bye, bye with the days of not understanding what needs to be done to improve your short game alone. Bye, bye, bye with bad short game.

Let’s get in sync, with the Golf in Sync, one of the products out their that can actually help your golf game–all at a nice price point.

Now whether or not you understood my first paragraph boy band joke in the first paragraph, you can probably identify with this. We all want to improve our short game–not to mention the rest of our golf game.

Some of us go the direction of buying a new golf club, perhaps like the oft-advertised XE1 wedge. Others purchase golf lessons from a local instructor, seeking improvements to their technique through quality teaching. After all, knowledge is great. So are new clubs!

But some people like to learn on their own. They want to go out to the chipping green in the evenings after work, and they want to hammer things out on their own.

They know a golf club won’t revolutionize their golf game. The understand that each instructor has a slightly different philosophy, and they don’t have the time to sift through PGA Instructors in their area to find the optimum relationship.

They just want to practice. And if that’s you, we’ve been on the trail of another great product.

Welcome to the Golf In Sync, the tool designed to help with synchronization of your body’s movement during the golf swing.

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Here is their commercial:

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Now that you’ve taken in their commercials, seen their work on Twitter, and probably seen them on the Golf Channel, it’s time to start learning more about the Golf in Sync product.

One of the greatest things benefitting the Golf In Sync product lies simply, in the results. Swedish professional golfer Mathias Gronberg endorses the veracity of the tool. Others are jumping on with this great product, including storied PGA professional Bob Toski, who called it “the best training aid I’d ever used.

[bctt tweet=”PGA professional Bob Toski called it the best training aid he ever used.”]

The Secret of the Golf in Sync

So what does the Golf in Sync do?

In short, it’s a stick that connects to your club and extends out through the back of the shaft. The extension through the shaft connects to the lead arm (the left arm for right-handed golfers). Now what word did I use in both of those sentences to describe the training aid?

The answer: Connects. 

This tool is all about developing connection throughout the body and throughout the golf movement. Whether it be putting or full swings, the Golf In Sync is a product that can give hard results. Through connection with the golf club and the body, golfers are able to make a more consistent, more natural movement through the strike.

It’s a product that’s starting to pick up some headway.

This product helps train the brain of the proper feelings needing during the golf swing. By training the brain, you’re making your action more likely to occur during your on-course play.

Can I Use It for Full Swings?

Now the product is designed in a way where it can help you along in most areas of your game, but from our experience, it’s not the best idea to use this device for full swings. The nature of the product leads there to be some jamming when making full moves at the golf ball.

But boy, can it work wonders on a short game.

From the set-up, through the practice swings, through actual contact with a golf ball, Golf in Sync trains the brain the way it needs to be trained during the learning experience. For golfers looking for high quality “block practice, this product executes wonderfully. 

For more information, golfers are encouraged to visit or visit In The Hole to Purchase Now.

Screenshot 2016-02-23 16.30.28

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