Spring is the air, summer is just around the corner and golf is in full swing. Whether you have a 5, a 15, or a 25 handicap, there is always the desire to become better. Does the Flat Cat putting grip, (at FlatCatSolution.com) now seen on the Golf Channel, fulfill these promises?

When speaking of putting, we all want to improve–even the best in the sport.

Understanding the fundamentals of the stroke, green reading and striving to improve is one thing, but sometimes a simple adjustment in equipment can make all the difference in the world. After all, take a look at the 13-ranked player in the world, Hideki Matsuyama.

New Hank Haney video in 2017:

The Flat Cat putter grip is taking golfers (at least a few of them) to a whole new handicap.

With its flat design on both sides, it gives every golfer the chance to develop a personal feel with the face of their putter. Having the putter fit in the palm of your hand gives you the feeling of square. If you are going to make putts, your putter face must be square to your target line. The face of the putter is responsible for the line the ball starts on, and that’s been proven.

This new concept of syncing the grip with the face of the putter is giving golfers the chance to increase the amount of putts they are making in their rounds.

Within 5 feet of the cup if your putter face is off by even 2 degrees you are going to miss that putt, even 1 degree from 8 feet! That length of putt is often a knee knocker and by using the Flat Cat putter grip your confidence will soar standing over that putt knowing your blade is square to the hole and the putt is going in.

You may have seen the Flat Cat golf putter on the Golf Channel in recent weeks. The team which surrounds Hank Haney is promoting it, with their goal to move product. But this product may have some merit, especially with Hideki Matsuyama using the grip.

Flat Cat putter grips come in four different sizes. Whether you like a skinny grip, the feel of the jumbo grip, or something in between–they have it all for you.

So why not give the Flat Cat grip a try?

With that new feel of square in the palm of your hand you just may see that score go down, and with a money back guarantee, how can you miss?

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