The wheel has been around forever, known as one of man’s first invented accomplishments. Golf–and putters, to be more specific– have been around for a little less time. Not forever. But now, the two have been combined.

The PutterWheel may be the most simple putting aid in golf.

It’s essentially a golf ball, only with the sides sliced off.

Now what value does having the sides cut off give golfers looking to work on their putting craft? It gives feedback, both visual and through feel.

Visually, any ball hit to the right, will veer right and any putt hit left will veer left. The eyes take in that information and translate that automatically to corrected technique. Also, you’ll feel mishits much better with the PutterWheel given its shape.

In the design, you’ll notice both the look of the ball and the branded red color. Now the red isn’t on the ball only to make the product pretty– although it does. The color is an important element in alignment. If you see red while standing over the putt–whether it be on the outside or inside– you do not have your eyes over the ball. Get your eye line right by making the red disappear

Once you’ve aligned yourself properly over the ball, it’s time to hone the stroke. Getting the PutterWheel to roll properly is the key– end-over-end, with no wobbles. If the ball holds the line, that means you’re striking it the correct way.

It’s that simple!

The product is small, light and easy to travel with and is perfect to keep in your bag before a round of golf and warm-up on the practice green. Instant feedback, instant improvement and instant results.

Check out the PutterWheel here!

Watch this great video featuring the PutterWheel here:

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“Simplicity at it’s very finest! …PutterWheel is extremely quick and simple to put to use…What you’ll find is a device that gives almost instant feedback on the quality of your putting stroke”
–Hacker’s Paradise

“Want immediate feedback on your putting stroke? Bypass that $500-an-hour teaching pro and pick up a Putter Wheel. Essentially a ball with two sides lopped off, the device wobbles like a drunken sailor when you hit it with anything less than a pure stroke. Catch it just right, though — in the center of your putterface and with a slightly ascending blow — and it rolls like a dream. $17.95 per wheel; 3-packs are $39.95; …”
— Golf Magazine: 39 Ways to fix everything