When looking for a way to improve putting, simplicity reigns supreme. Golf can become far too complex and putting needs to remain simple. It requires fundamental alignment and a pendulum motion. The putting stroke should be very simple, both in the way it is executed and in the way it is taught. The Putting Stroke Teacher accomplishes both of these goals.

Designed by teaching professional Ken Hanley, The Putting Stroke Teacher is a training aid shaped like a “T,” which fits on the end of a putter. An alignment rod runs down the forearm, giving the outward appearance of a “T.” This design allows for golfers to repeat the same position, stroke after stroke, during their practice sessions while easily installing onto their own putter, thus not loosing any feel with our own particular putter.

The Putting Stroke Teacher has three fundamentals in mind to help all golfers improve their putting.

  1. Parallel to target: With this, great putters have their shoulders, forearms and putter all square to their target line. The aid is designed to make this visibly evident for golfers to easily repeat whether or not they remaining parallel to the target and allow their body to swing “naturally with no manipulation and not too much thought,” as their website says.
  2. Consistently Roll Ball Down Target Line: This is a statement which far too often is read as an obvious part of putting, but is rarely executed by struggling putters. To roll the ball consistently requires consistent alignment along with a consistent stroke. Proper alignment and a consistent shaft plane “naturally produces a repeating swing path of the putter head,” the key to producing consistency.
  3. Pendulum Stroke Without Hinging of the Wrists: By placing the rods along the wrists, the putting stroke is naturally being put in a position to perform the “pendulum stroke.” The device creates a one-piece swinging motion which creates unity with the arms, wrists and shoulders. The perfect, repeatable pendulum stroke is the by-product.

Inspired by the teachings of renowned short game enthusiasts Stan Utley and Larry Rinker, this product is endorsed nationwide. The Putting Stroke Teacher training aid aims to be a solution for all golfer’s putting woes.

Check out their website: http://www.tpsteacher.com/

….and improve your putting!

Troy Klongerbo

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